Charlie F. Kane Poems

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30 Years Too Late

I’ve always said,
I was born 30 years too late.
I never fitted in to this decade.
I should have seen the 70’s,

Young At Heart

I hope that time treats you well,
I hope that your dream will come true,
I hope that Fate looks after you
And I hope you remain young at heart.

It’s My Destiny

If you had one chance,
Would you take it?
If you were given a taste of your dreams,
Would you take it?

For My Sister On Her 16th Birthday

I can no longer tell people that I have a little sister,
Now I must say that I have a younger sister,
Because you’re old enough to no longer be a ‘little sister’,
Though to be honest, that’s what you’ll always be to me.

Is There Anybody Out There?

Is that you over there?
Can you see me?
Don't walk away, I'm here!

I Wish I Was…

I wish I were William Shakespeare
I’d be very happy writing plays,
Seeing them on the stage,
Making my audience laugh and cry.

All My Life…

All my life I have waited to see the sun too rise.
I sat and I watched as the golden globe
Entered the skies and faded the night away.
The darkness crept around,


I will try not to cry.
I will do my best to
Make sure my eyes
Remain dry.

Everybody Dance (The Dance Of The Dead)

As the sun sinks upon the horizon,
As the dark night creeps in,
The dead dance.
On the streets they roam,

Butterfly Collector

Stuck behind,
Only watching,
She moves fleetingly,
I’m only watching.

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