All My Life… Poem by Charlie F. Kane

All My Life…

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All my life I have waited to see the sun too rise.
I sat and I watched as the golden globe
Entered the skies and faded the night away.
The darkness crept around,
Scuttling along till another time.
The sky becomes for a few moments
The colour of fire, I am at the embers of a new day.
The lights dawns and morning begins to take over.
The birds sing a song that I have never truly listened to before,
They celebrate the morning like I do,
These word are my morning song.

And, for a few moments,
I believe that the world truly is a good place,
And it is worth fighting for.

Tom J. Mariani 18 November 2007

Typo in first line gets you off to a shaky start: 'too' should be 'to. After that slight bump, the poems pulls itself together. You have used the standard image of a rising sun and given us a fresh look at it. Tom

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Anabel just Anabel 12 September 2007

'for a few moment' ya know I used to think that this world was a piece of crap but I found friends that showed me that sunrise, and I sang along with the birds and dance with dawn! ! Try to make those moments last! ! wonderfull poem I really like it, and I think that this world it is worth to fight for, people just don't see it! ! : ( keep up the great job! ! !

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my world my way 26 June 2007

this is really positive and nice one ^^ it's kool ya seem to be happy with life

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