I Wish I Was… Poem by Charlie F. Kane

I Wish I Was…

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I wish I were William Shakespeare
I’d be very happy writing plays,
Seeing them on the stage,
Making my audience laugh and cry.
Writing about some dark lady
I think to be a Muse.
That’d be alright for me.

I wish I were John Lennon
I’d be very happy making music,
Being a poet and a philosopher;
Playing the piano all night.
But I’d give anything up for love.
Give up everything for Yoko.
Hmmm, maybe not.

I wish I was Samwise Gamgee
I’d live a life as happy as could be,
Apart from the business with
Frodo and the Ring,
I’d be happy with living
In Bag End, in Hobbiton, in the Shire.
I’d live a life as happy as could be.

I could wish all I’d like,
But I’d never be any of them,
So for now I am happy being me.

© Charlie F. Kane


Jolanta Gradowicz 22 April 2006

I like your poem, but I like the last line the most. There are too many unknown things about W. Shakespeare, for example. It is very important to accept oneself, I think.

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Con Nie 01 April 2006

I love the way you ended this poem. So many of us long to be someone else when in reality the best person we can be is ourselves. Thanks for sharing this. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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Sebastian Hau-Walker 27 March 2006

A jolly little number Charles! humurous and light hearted..... im sure your bust will be up there with the greats in the hall of fame one day! Keep Believing! sebxx

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Missy Trinity Ferrari. 25 March 2006

My my my... all i can say... many of us wish the exact same thing but somehow forget to remember the last sentence and you did so earnestly... LOVE IT.. lmeao Love, Melissa

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Konjit Berhane 22 March 2006

Totally true but i doubt if u would have been happy being Shakespeare....? And becareful of what u wish for, for they may come true... i love it and it is a great peace... can't wait to read more of ur work. **KoNi**

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