Chel sea

Rookie (10/12/1989 / Cincinnati, Ohio)

Chel sea Poems

1. M.I.A 4/30/2007
2. Odd One Out 5/13/2007
3. My Appologies 5/13/2007
4. Drawing This Line 5/13/2007
5. Never Become You 5/13/2007
6. Jaded Thoughts 5/13/2007
7. Confusion 5/13/2007
8. Here And Now 6/4/2007
9. Changes 6/4/2007
10. The Instagator 6/5/2007
11. Left To Fall 6/5/2007
12. Deadly Plague 6/5/2007
13. Far More 6/5/2007
14. Lamentations 6/5/2007
15. Under Your Control 6/5/2007
16. Past The Scars 6/7/2007
17. Into The World 6/7/2007
18. Aftermath 7/15/2007
19. The Elements 8/13/2007
20. Bumps And Bruises 5/13/2007
21. Dictonary 5/26/2007
22. Choking 6/5/2007
23. Field Of Disaster 5/13/2007
24. Running Backwards 5/13/2007
25. No Way Out 5/13/2007
26. What I'Ve Learned 5/14/2007
27. Sense Of Betrayal 5/13/2007

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Best Poem of Chel sea

Sense Of Betrayal

A burning sensation starting at my feet, running to my heart
I've never felt something like this before
All we had, is it all torn apart?
All becuase of one mishap, my heart strings are torn
Shivering inside, chest feels like it might colaspe
Was it all a lie, was it a relaspe_

Disturbed to know what I just found out
COnfused to know why I trusted you with no doubt
Am I blowing this out of poportion_
Now I may abort our mission

A cramping sensation starting at my toes, running through my veins
I´ve never even known this feeling could be real
I may ...

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I've lost me again
Where did I go
Few days this is how it's been
What happened I need to know
I just saw me a bit ago
And yet not I'm nowhere to be found
All that's left is an impression of where I was on the ground

How can I be gone

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