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winter dawn
a butterfly wakes up
in my dream

A Tanka Prose
for Ernest Hemingway who claimed that
The important thing for a writer is to tell a good story...
The best ones are liars.

I stretch out
in bed alone
the taste of moonlight

hazy moonlight
through the bare branches
'Goldberg Variations'

red spider lilies
blooming along the fence -
foreclosed house

written in response to Hillary Clinton's presidential nomination

shards of glass
on the convention floor

Water Snake Lantern zigzags
through Ketagalan Boulevard...
end of Chinese New Year

clad in lily-white
she sweeps into each room
and out again....
the woman in my vision

moonlit pond...
a frog penetrates

'reading between the lives and writing between the lines, ' VII
written in response to State Senator Scott Baldwin's comment

'be impartial

a black butterfly
tarnishes the pink rosebud
silent skies

summer heat
a line of ants moving
across Das Kapital

dust to dust...
pampas grass whispering
to pampas grass

Chen-ou Liu Biography

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Chen-ou Liu was a college teacher, essayist, editor, and two-time winner of the national Best Book Review Radio Program Award. In 2002, he emigrated to Canada and settled in Ajax, a suburb of Toronto. There, he continues to struggle with a life in transition and translation. Featured in New Resonance 7: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, and listed as one of the top ten haiku poets for 2011 Simply Haiku,9: 3,4, Autumn/Winter 2011, Chen-ou Liu is the author of five books, including Following the Moon to the Maple Land First Prize Winner of the 2011 Haiku Pix Chapbook Contest and A Life in Transition and Translation Honorable Mention,2014 Turtle Light Press Biennial Haiku Chapbook Contest. His tanka and haiku have been honored with 135 awards, including Certificate of Merit by the Tankagendai Corp,7th International Tanka Festival Competition,2012, Tanka First and Third Places in the 2011 San Francisco International Competition, Grand Prix in the 2010 Klostar Ivanic Haiku Contest, and First Prize Winner in the 2010 Haiku International Association Haiku Contest. Read more of his poems at Poetry in the Moment, http: // Currently Editor and Translator of NeverEnding Story, First English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku and Tanka Blog, http: //

The Best Poem Of Chen-ou Liu

Butterfly Dream Haiku

winter dawn
a butterfly wakes up
in my dream

one of selected haiku

Simply Haiku's 'TOP TEN LIST' of the World's Finest Living English language Haiku Poets for the Year 2011 (Simply Haiku,9: 3,4, Autumn/Winter 2011)
http: //

Chen-ou Liu Comments

Denis Mair 13 November 2019

For a taste of his strengths, I recommend CHILDHOOD LAKE HAIKU. (I have left some comments beneath it, explaining why I like it so much.)

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Denis Mair 12 November 2019

Chenou Liu is a haiku master. He walks resolutely along the HAIKAI NO MICHI, getting deeper into it every day. His mastery cannot be reduced to predictable angles of contemplation...he is making new discoveries all the time. I am very glad to have stumbled upon this collection, like a cache of food left in wilderness cabin. It is worthy of much study, but for now, I can only nibble at the edges.

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Prabir Gayen 31 December 2018

A very good poet and a fine hsikuist

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Wuji Shiu 22 September 2013

I am somebody who loves poem making very much who is dating a Taiwanese woman and I would be very happy to know you. I plan to go through your work very soon. Hope to hear from you, Wuji.

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Chen-ou Liu Popularity

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