Butterfly Dream Haiku Poem by Chen-ou Liu

Butterfly Dream Haiku

Rating: 4.7

winter dawn
a butterfly wakes up
in my dream

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Simply Haiku's 'TOP TEN LIST' of the World's Finest Living English language Haiku Poets for the Year 2011 (Simply Haiku,9: 3,4, Autumn/Winter 2011)
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Captain Herbert Poetry 28 April 2014

a dreamy kind of haiku with butterfly. NICE

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* Sunprincess * 26 June 2014

.............very nice a butterfly is like a dream....they are only here for a short time...

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Melissa C F 07 September 2014

So pretty! I've been trying so hard to understand true haiku because all I learned when I was younger was that it was 5 syllables,7 syllables,5 syllables. But a few months ago I learned that that wasn't the case, and this seems like an excellent example of true haiku. Thank you for sharing! Hopefully I will be able to write them now, because this form is very appealing to me. I like that it's a form that is so little, but can say so much.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 19 June 2017

With the dawn of a cool setting, one gets in to a colorful world, in a dream though. Wow! Beautifully crafted with tremendous profundity. How you choose and manage words, it's amazing. Full marks Liu. Thanks for sharing

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Denis Mair 28 July 2017

Butterfly's round of transmigration breaks the chrysalis of a dream

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Dr Antony Theodore 12 December 2020

winter dawn a butterfly wakes up in my dream waking and flying butterfly of your dreams so imaginative and poetic dear poet. tony

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 20 August 2020

first lovely night... softest one see my silhouette I can also see daily at night under shades of moon bright see me tonight happy you will be coldest wintry snowy dawning my sleepy earth fly rises as I fall wet and scream now a broken creamy dream

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A B Faniki 19 September 2019

Lovely and simply creative. Great write dear poet

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 10 May 2019

WHY DON'T U THANK UR READERS O GREAT HAIKUIST A GREAT HUMAN QUALITY MISSING ON PH MOSTLY HENCE '''sometimes flow of appreciation also inspires the new to ignite fighting spirit. PH could accept that challenge also..... to hold, to increase their self-assurance.'''' A GOOD COMMENT BEING SHARED HERE PLEASE READ THOSE WHO READ URS AND COMMENT ON THEIRS TOO

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Prabir Gayen 31 December 2018

Fine haiku dear poet.......thanks a lot

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