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If you want to see joy,
You must tell every girl and boy
That life is a wonder and dream...

Dreams have no borders
and no particular orders

Dreams are imagination


With one single push,
With one couple's love,
A baby is born.

I'm five years old, I have a crush.
I pick a flower and give it to him.
'You're a killer, ' he says coldly.
I look down at the flower,

Enter your mind.
What will you find?
A hallway of mazes.
All kinds of fazes.

C oloured with beautiful views
A ngel of the north
N est and home for many heros
A ble to surpas all obstacles

Last week, my teacher yelled.
He scolded us for talking loud.
'You're smart, you're talented, '
He shouted,

The ladder goes 'clang clang'
As I step down flights

My feet go 'plish splash'

There once was a little boy.
Who was a stuck-up snoot.
A child would cry over a toy,
And he wouldn't give a hoot.

Life is meaningless.
Yet I’m here on the computer,
Chatting with my friends.
The pressure is too great-


P ressure on you as time passes
O verall, you have less than half
E verything seems so long
T his is a weekly thing


My friends are having fun
I'm here, not done

All because I was distracted

I've typed for hours
My hands are cramping
They’re as limp as flowers
I feel like stamping

I'm blabbing away
Lots of things to say

I've got friends to call

Let me tell you of the tale
Of the girl that liked to wail

She complained nonstop

Bored... nothing to do says:
Hello! Hi! How are you? :)
Fan of Peter Pan says:
Fine. I'm getting a tan.: P


O verall is hardworking
X cellent in the work they do
E valuates self critically
N ever stops until work is done

The sky darkens, the sun sets, humans sleep,
Wolves howl; out they hunt with their spooky creep.

And when the whole world is silent, I rise.

You went away. Promised to return.
And said that you would send your love.
So for many months, I waited.

The moment I was born,
There was joy in the world for you.
So why is it,
That even though there were love and happiness,

Cheryl Cheng Biography

Hi all! My name is Cheryl Cheng (obviously) but my alias is Surely Choo Certain. My nickname, Choo, comes from how I pronounced my name when I was younger. As you can probably tell, I am a poet! I love writing, and whenever an inspiration strikes me, I write it down. I hope you like them! ! I can see the CN Tower from my 'apartment', let's call it that. My friends are Leslie Ching, That Cool Guy, and Silverlight Chen. Check out their poems and help them achieve their dreams of becoming up and coming poets! - =*.^=surelychoo P.S. Please rate and comment on my poems! ! ! Note: Life is Meaningless, POETRY, Regret, and Typing Away are poems that I wrote on MSN to help my friend when she needed 24 more poems for her weekly poetry assignment in 2009.)

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If you want to see joy,
You must tell every girl and boy
That life is a wonder and dream...

And the joy on their faces
Is enough to last all places
And your heart will sing with joy!

To see love
Is enough
To last forever...
To see joy
Us together...

If you want to see joy
You must give your child a toy
And the happiness it brings
Is enough for a lifetime...

Joy to all and joy joy joy!

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Leslie Ching 30 March 2010

Hey! (Temporarily) back on PH, but for who knows how long. Nice poems! You should write more, especially since our poetry unit is coming up.: D

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Leslie Ching 03 February 2009

; D a poet in the making, and very close to finished...has good rhyming and flow...humorous both in poems and in real life...but most of all, a good friend. ^_^ btw surely, np at all...

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