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If you want to see joy,
You must tell every girl and boy
That life is a wonder and dream...


Dreams have no borders
and no particular orders

Dreams are imagination


With one single push,
With one couple's love,
A baby is born.


I'm five years old, I have a crush.
I pick a flower and give it to him.
'You're a killer, ' he says coldly.
I look down at the flower,

Inside Your Mind

Enter your mind.
What will you find?
A hallway of mazes.
All kinds of fazes.

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Leslie Ching 30 March 2010

Hey! (Temporarily) back on PH, but for who knows how long. Nice poems! You should write more, especially since our poetry unit is coming up.: D

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Leslie Ching 03 February 2009

; D a poet in the making, and very close to finished...has good rhyming and flow...humorous both in poems and in real life...but most of all, a good friend. ^_^ btw surely, np at all...

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Hi all! My name is Cheryl Cheng (obviously) but my alias is Surely Choo Certain. My nickname, Choo, comes from how I pronounced my name when I was younger.

As you can probably tell, I am a poet! I love writing, and whenever an inspiration strikes me, I write it down. I hope you like them! !

I can see the CN Tower from my 'apartment', let's ...

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