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In the depths of silence
Pits of despair
Holes of doubt
Infinite nothing


I savour the word
Those delicious vowels and syllables
Hard consonants and crisp suffix;
I let them roll on my tongue

When I (inspiration) = 0,
The # of P (poems) < N (normal)
And the value of P < 2
However, when I = 1,


We never thought
It would happen so soon
So suddenly
That things would end

By The Sea

As we drive into the parking lot and pull into a spot,
The seashore park receives us with open arms and a friendly welcoming gesture,
While fresh salty scent of the ocean playfully slips into the car through the open windows
And sprinkles its blessing on our heads, leaving a vague feeling of longing and contentedness in the backseat;

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Your poetry is very inspirational. I really like them. Keep up the great works.

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p.a. noushad 13 February 2009

my soul gets bliss on the wings of your verses

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Surelychoo Certain 03 February 2009

I know her too. All she needs is a lesson in time management...*evil grin* But overall she's an excellent student.

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That Cool Guy 01 January 2009

i kno her personally and your right jerry...

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I have a terrible habit of writing far more than necessary, so I'll try to keep this as short as possible. For now, all you need to know about me can be seen through my poetry, however badly I write. And if you don't mind suffering through more than 50 poems (and more coming) , then I think you'll get to know me in due time.: P
To finish this ...

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