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In the depths of silence
Pits of despair
Holes of doubt
Infinite nothing

I savour the word
Those delicious vowels and syllables
Hard consonants and crisp suffix;
I let them roll on my tongue

When I (inspiration) = 0,
The # of P (poems) < N (normal)
And the value of P < 2
However, when I = 1,

We never thought
It would happen so soon
So suddenly
That things would end

As we drive into the parking lot and pull into a spot,
The seashore park receives us with open arms and a friendly welcoming gesture,
While fresh salty scent of the ocean playfully slips into the car through the open windows
And sprinkles its blessing on our heads, leaving a vague feeling of longing and contentedness in the backseat;

I'll keep writing...
As long as there are
Sights to see
Sounds to hear

Conversation With a Neighbour:
Hi, Mr. Myers.
I'm doing great, thanks. What about you?
Oh, that's good to know.

Stop being so opaque!
Oh why, why can't you see
That I won't ever hurt you
Just let your inner self be free-


If a rogue paintbrush clattered to the floor and happened to catch my eye,
I would lure it to my fingers with a palette smothered with rich, vivid paints
Luxurious hues and shades it would love
And rested in my light but commanding grip, I would let it unlock for me

My courage, like the larks, has taken flight;
May God save me from this dreadful plight-

I had rose to the sky on angel's wings,

Will you remember me
After I’m gone?

[[ a s h e s to a s h e s,

In a bitter chiselling winter gust,
Dusty flecks of snow whirl about in the air around me,
Enveloping my figure in a spiral of white,
While I wait impatiently for my bus to appear on the horizon.

Goals to attain:
Today I shall:
-lose my pencil
-lose my homework


The three greatest discoveries of humankind:

Melodic hums and trills of instruments

***Note: The word 'kukofunis' in this poem is the phonetic spelling of the real word 'cacophonous', meaning 'dissonant' or 'jarring'. Used here, it is also meant to be 'chaotic', the reason of which you will find out when you finish reading this poem...

This morning I made
Some kukofunis*** stew-

When I turned twelve-oh what a fright!
Home alone for half a night!

When I turned thirteen, life was a bore

Have you ever wondered
What happens in between?

Between blinks-

I wish I could remember
The days of childhood
When all that I cared about
Was to have fun-

I sit by the creek side
Watching the water sweep by
When a delicate pearly lily
Drifts into my cupped hands.

Leslie Ching Biography

I have a terrible habit of writing far more than necessary, so I'll try to keep this as short as possible. For now, all you need to know about me can be seen through my poetry, however badly I write. And if you don't mind suffering through more than 50 poems (and more coming) , then I think you'll get to know me in due time.: P To finish this off, here is one of my favourite poems...hope you enjoy :) Laugh your heart out Dance in the rain Live in the moment Ignore the pain Live, laugh, love Forgive and forget Life's too short To live with regrets ~ Anon.)

The Best Poem Of Leslie Ching


In the depths of silence
Pits of despair
Holes of doubt
Infinite nothing
Pierces the air

Yearning for just
Another human presence
To pass the time with-




A black hole sucked me in
And won't let go
As much as I tug and shake
Beg and cry

I fell off a cliff
And the sea welcomed me
Three hundred feet below
Swallowing me whole







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Your poetry is very inspirational. I really like them. Keep up the great works.

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p.a. noushad 13 February 2009

my soul gets bliss on the wings of your verses

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Surelychoo Certain 03 February 2009

I know her too. All she needs is a lesson in time management...*evil grin* But overall she's an excellent student.

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That Cool Guy 01 January 2009

i kno her personally and your right jerry...

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