Gratitude To Life Poem by Cheryl Griffith

Gratitude To Life

As I sit here in serene cerebration
Surveying beauty of sky wind and trees
And roots parting grass
The laughter of children playing
Intruding upon my loneliness
Joy burns a place into my heart
And I think of the wasted moments
Of tears and sadness that have passed

As I inhale the cool plenary air
The sweet essence of possibilities
The sun radiating golden on my ebony skin
The birds serenading on high
The wind caressing my face like a gentle kiss
Purging my soul into glorious bliss
I think to myself intoxicated by it all
How fortunate I am to be here
A part of this time, this sphere
This world with all its joys and woes
And witness its mystery like a bud unfolds

My tattered spirit inert by frailty
Beckons nature's harmony
Blue, green scenery and flower beds yield serenity
Buds of beauty busting forth
Lend fragrance to the stench of the pain
And sadness of humanity
I smile as joy now perforate my pain
Penetrating the sad blisters in my brain
Nature in her wisdom has thought me much
To be grateful for such
That I have felt pain and tasted bitter rain
And with it, ecstasy, the euphoria of nature's celestial glory
To know that I have laughed and love and was loved
And at the end, to know that I have lived!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
I wrote this one afternoon while sitting in the Botanic Gardens and feeling very down and depressed but after observing my environment of everyone and everything around me, I suddenly realize that there's so much in life to be thankful for and that I should not waste my time feeling down because of problems or situations in my life but rather I should be grateful for every moment and live and enjoy life.
Colleen Courtney 09 July 2014

This is a poem which should be read by every single person out there! You have so nailed this one! Beautifully written and full of glorious hope and inspiration. Your last few closing lines are the creme de la creme! Kudos to you!

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Cheryl Griffith

Cheryl Griffith

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