The Clever Mouse (A Royal Encounter) Poem by Chris Embrick

The Clever Mouse (A Royal Encounter)

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Clever, clever little mouse
twice you moved, changed your house

You thought:
"To tour this house
it will take weeks"
then you heard
a welcomed squeak
so beautiful
those beady eyes
you stood squeakless
then she said:
"quick, this way
follow me
the Queen Mum's having
biscuits, tea"

Clever, clever little mouse
At once, she had your interest roused

At the Hall's end
she turned and said:
"there's really nothing
here dread
those two Corgis
are both well fed
and no puss here
that you can tease
Puss' hair
made the Queen Mum sneeze"

Near the kitchen
busy clamour
she said:
"Oh, dear me
where's my manners
please forgive me
my name's Tassel
Welcome Sir
to Winsor Castle

Once there was a mouse named Trevor
A little mouse but oh, so clever.

Friday, February 8, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: infatuation ,meeting,mouse,moving on
Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 February 2019

An amazing story, Chris. It can be read to children, they will surely love it. Well penned.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 12 February 2019

This meeting and moving of clever muse is brilliant penned. You have excellent idea in sharing views. This is an amazingly penned nice poem.10

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 February 2019

I wanna tell you too that your poem is very entertaining. Windsor Castle comes peeping here. I have enjoyed very much your wonderful poem and everything that occurred inside. Thank you for sharing, Chris.

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Chris Embrick 08 February 2019

Thank you. You're very kind. I appreciate your comments. Perhaps the tale will continue.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 February 2019

WOW! Really a sweetest poem. Once I have caught a clever little mouse with those eyes, I had the mouse in my bare hands, because I dare to hold a mouse in my hands, that's why I have caught the only mouse in our house, not that one of my laptop's, on the contrary, but a real mouse. I brought that mouse to the center of the woods, far far away from my house, sure she has a very lot to tell her colleagues. Your poem is a marvelous story! 10++

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