Silence Of A Broken Heart Poem by Chris Embrick

Silence Of A Broken Heart

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With great anguish the day began
death severed love's embrace
a life of promises and plans
with one last breath time erased

With trembling hands she held him tight
down her cheeks the stinging tears
her closest friends turned from the sight
the pain much more than each could bear

Wedding bells were soon to ring
the satin gown draped across the bed
now, by his grave the mourner's sing
she wears a gown of black instead

Each night her pillow's wet with tears
the haunting dreams are slow to part
now in her eyes, the heartache still
the silence of a broken heart.

Friday, January 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: death,heartache,lost love,love and life
Qiniso Mogale 06 March 2019

Brilliant my dear friend, poet and brother in Christ.

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Chris Embrick 08 March 2019

Thank you Qiniso. In some people you can see the sadness they try to hide.

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Aniruddha Pathak 26 January 2019

Very feelingly writ. The pathos is palpable.

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Chris Embrick 08 March 2019

Thank you. A poet feels not only his/her pain but commiserates with others.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 January 2019

A very poignant write. It vividly portrayed the heart ache of a broken heart. So beautifully written, Chris.

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Chris Embrick 08 March 2019

Thank you Rose. Sometimes we need to feel another's sadness to get past our own.

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Aaron Stokes 18 January 2019

I really love the message in this poem and how deep and emotional it is. Don't give up!

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Chris Embrick 18 January 2019

Thank you. In life and love you learn to cope.

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Chris Embrick

Chris Embrick

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