Claudia Krizay

Rookie - 48 Points (1/28/1956 / Washington DC)

Claudia Krizay Poems

1. Severance 8/6/2009
2. Suicide Watch 8/6/2009
3. Snake 8/6/2009
4. To Marjjorie And I 8/6/2009
5. Psychosis 8/6/2009
6. Walk 8/12/2009
7. Nightmare 8/12/2009
8. Wildflower 8/12/2009
9. The Party 8/23/2009
10. Rejection 8/23/2009
11. Her 8/23/2009
12. Realization 8/23/2009
13. Break 9/5/2009
14. Winter's Dream 9/5/2009
15. Terminal 9/5/2009
16. The Refracting 9/24/2009
17. Eye Of Venus 9/24/2009
18. The Connection 5/23/2010
19. What's Inside 5/28/2010
20. Stars, Stripes And Paper Dolls 6/1/2010
21. Itmon 6/2/2010
22. Right Unilateral 6/11/2010
23. The Sun Is Calling 6/14/2010
24. Word Salad 8/5/2009
25. Torn Paper Thoughts 8/5/2009
26. Us 8/6/2009
27. Nightingale 8/6/2009
28. Pink Rose 8/6/2009
29. Purpose 8/6/2009
30. Random Thoughts 8/6/2009
31. The Quiet Room 8/6/2009
32. Shadow 8/6/2009
33. Sometimes 8/5/2009
34. Only In My Dreams 8/5/2009
35. Stream Of Thought 8/6/2009
36. Streets I Have Walked 7/7/2010
37. Sun 7/7/2010
38. It Didn'T Matter 7/7/2010
39. Red, Blue, Green And Gold 7/17/2010
40. Freak Out 4/7/2011

Comments about Claudia Krizay

  • Neetha Sasidharan Neetha Sasidharan (5/2/2012 3:31:00 AM)

    hi.. first of all i'm not big enough to comment abt u in terms of age or poetry skill... i know that very well..but i couldn't resist writing this... ur poems r ggggrrrrtttt...n this is not me.... though u rarely use rhymes, as i start reading ur poems it sort of attracts me to read the rest... u choose unusual topics or is it, like, the words just comes out of ur pen....... i'm wordless...just hatsoff.........

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  • Rajendran Muthiah Rajendran Muthiah (3/19/2012 11:35:00 PM)

    Your poem 'You are so far away' makes me tearful. The unheard voice of the hurt soul from the cage causes flowing tides of melancholy in my heart. Where is this voice from? Whose cry is it? Excellent piece of work.100%

  • Juan Olivarez Juan Olivarez (1/4/2012 3:29:00 PM)

    Claudia lets you see the dark side of life through her poetry. Through her words which sometimes are dark, ominus, sorrowful and full of pathos you can see the suffering she has endured, and the battles she has fought, won, and sometimes been scarred in. Her poetry is realism 101, for all that need to know the terrible truth of schizophrenia. I wish you would read her work and roll it around in your mind that you may experiance her cross that she carries around on a daily basis. God Bless you Claudia. Be well.

  • Dwi Utami Dwi Utami (8/29/2011 7:45:00 AM)

    Dear poet my favorit poet..once we have fallen out only trivial problem..but i m sure you are the authorof a kind and patient so hopefully you can keep writing..

Best Poem of Claudia Krizay


Fear, anger, mistrust and nearly
Half a century of
Living in a world unfamiliar
To all but myself-
Has left me in dismay and in solitude-
Tomorrow is another day where
My morning shall be
Walking in the darkness, although
Moments away from sunrise and
Knowing that within a few hours
As I sleep- my mind shall become aware-
As if lightening has struck in some
Magical way-Fear, anger and
Mistrust shall disappear in a moment’s notice-
A different sort of sun shall rise
For me alone, shining light upon my kaleidoscopic world-
Black skies transform to...

Read the full of Magic

Pink Clouds Never Rain

I have never see a pink cloud rain before.
I have only seen a magenta bolt of lightening try to strike my heart, and
Aqua tears trickling from my dazzled misty eyes, down my
Flushed and lonesome cheek, though
I have never see a pink cloud rain before.

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before.
I have seen spotted purple snakes crawling up my bedroom walls, and
Transparent bubbles filled with dreams floating before my very eyes, though,

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