A Gallant Lady

Rating: 2.8
Upon every pathway I walk, I see your shadow, and
In every pond and creek, I see your reflection-
Upon these pathways I find the trace of your footsteps.
In every thought I have, your memory is still alive.

You are gone and departed from this world.
I can still feel the sting upon my cheek from the slap of your hand and
The sound of your voice wrathfully scolding me
Forever haunts me.

More haunting and most terrifying is the
Silence that rings and echoes inside of my mind from the
Days you refused to speak to me-
Being just a child, these moments were incomprehensible.

In every mirror, when I do still see your reflection,
Tears stream down my flushed cheeks and I ask myself-
Why, being flooded with the pain of past reminiscences of
Negligence and rejection does my heart, soul and very essence
Feel such longing and agony of loss?

I can almost hear your written words upon that lined yellow paper say
“I love you” and in the back of my mind, I remember
The fun and the good times that we shared as your laughter
Rang out as a sonata throughout every room in our home-

I cannot forget the grin that illuminated your majestically striking countenance,
While I can still feel the sincerity of love in your frequent warm embraces-
Recollections of your own suffering throughout so much of your life
Now comes forcefully towards me as would a whole gale and
Now I realize that you were the best mother that you could ever be.

I still can see your shadow which I yearn to follow and
I can still envision your footprints making a trail before me-
I shall follow those footprints wherever I walk, as
You were a person whose strength I so admire.

I shall forever cherish the memories of a brave person whose life had been difficult-
Memories of a gallant lady whose courage and perseverance shall forever radiate
Inside of my thoughts and shall always touch my spirit, as I shall always be
Proud, although you are no longer with us- to call you my mother…
Saturday, May 7, 2011
Stephen Loomes 26 August 2013
Hi Claudia, Your biography recounts a struggle to survive and understand but I really like your poetry, it is well written and the few I have read are intensely personal, but they have their own artistic merit. I hope the years to come let you have an abundance of fun despite the riddles life has set you. Keep writing and keep painting and creating lovely things to leave around for others to find.
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Juan Olivarez 29 September 2011
A very heartfelt poem, I suppose to your mother. Though My mom never struck me the similiarities to my poems of my mom are there. I think it's a thoroughly beautiful tribute.
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Vipins Puthooran 22 September 2011
A deep feeling of pain. In every pond and creek, I see your reflection. (In every word and line, I see your brave heart) .. a heroic poem..
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Allemagne Roßmann 25 August 2011
this poem is a weapon for all gallant ladies from your pen......well done
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Ken E Hall 28 July 2011
Luvli tribute to mom and it is written from the heart with a fitting title...regards
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Hither Kusum 07 May 2011
Claudia, it was wonderful to come across your poem on Mothers' day. Beautifully written... Streams of tear and a deep feeling of pain have smitten me after reading your poem. Its nice to know you!
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