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A Villain In All Of Us

The hero stands across from me, I dare not speak his name.
Chivalrous and Valiant, the source of all my shame.
I wonder how it came to this. What was my mistake?
That he should be the hero is a sick and twisted fate.

Sergeant Love

Stand up straight!
Look alive!
There's no where left for you to hide
Watch her eyes not her chest

The Things We Carry

A rubber band
A ball of lint
A piece of gum that smells of mint

The Crimson Maid

A boy strolled through a garden
A quiet tune he played
The small reed pipes whined softly
Attracting a young maid

Fragapane Phobia

When I was much younger
I had a common fear
This fear of darkness worsened
With every coming year

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I am a young aspiring writer without alot of time on his hands. I would like to eventually write some books and screen plays but I can't always fit it into my busy schedule. In the mean time I have ben writing these poems just to guage what people think of my writing. My style is kind of predictable so far and I am trying to expand but it is very tempting to go back to that familiar rythm when it comes to poetry.

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