Clesec Swahn Poems

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A Villain In All Of Us

The hero stands across from me, I dare not speak his name.
Chivalrous and Valiant, the source of all my shame.
I wonder how it came to this. What was my mistake?
That he should be the hero is a sick and twisted fate.

Sergeant Love

Stand up straight!
Look alive!
There's no where left for you to hide
Watch her eyes not her chest

The Things We Carry

A rubber band
A ball of lint
A piece of gum that smells of mint

The Crimson Maid

A boy strolled through a garden
A quiet tune he played
The small reed pipes whined softly
Attracting a young maid

Fragapane Phobia

When I was much younger
I had a common fear
This fear of darkness worsened
With every coming year

It Glows Red

Not bright but soft.
Not like a ruby it's ephemeral, not solid.
Small like a glowing eye.
You can't touch it, though trust me we have all tried.

Man: Unus Verus Deus

Once many years ago
I traveled a road that many know
And yes there was a man who lied
He bluntly told me God had died

Behind Every King

They say my heart is cold as ice
That my silver tongue is not so nice
And I'll admit that often times
My soul is black as charcoal mines

The Fountain Of Youth

Drip drip
Goes the fountain
Tick tock goes the clock
Sip sip


They say that I have choices
They say I'm in control
Well tell it to the guy who dug that giant whole.
Oh yes I did step in it

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