The Crimson Maid Poem by Clesec Swahn

The Crimson Maid

Rating: 4.8

A boy strolled through a garden
A quiet tune he played
The small reed pipes whined softly
Attracting a young maid
Her long red hair burned crimson
In the full moon's dazzling light
At the sound she smiled sweetly
Her green eyes shining bright
The boy turned toward her quickly
His long curls flying fast
They settled on his shoulders
And the sad tune died at last
'May I have your name? ' he said
But the girl only stared
'Have you lost your way? ' he asked
But her face did not seem scared
Then he chuckled softly
Having realized her game
She had fallen deep in love with him
But he did not feel the same
Back into the night he flew
To chase another day
The girl was left behind him
Wishing he would stay
Many sunsets later
In a clearing far away
A broken man lay dying
His long curls turning grey
Then somewhere in the distance
He thought he heard a sound
A sad song came toward him
It came from all around
Then there appeared a woman
Whose beauty outshone the sun
Her slender frame knelt next to him
And he felt like he could run
'May I have your name? ' she said
But he could not find the words
'Have you lost your way? ' she asked
And his sad heart almost burst
Softly she kissed the boy
Who once had ran away
And then they flew into the night
To chase another day

Rebecca Cox 07 November 2009

Absolute brilliance. this poem is well-written and fluent. it was an honor to read this piece of art. thank you for asking me to read it

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Penney Cooper 04 November 2009

Excellent. Beautifully executed.

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