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Boys and girls, take your places
It's time again, I'm sure you know
To wear your happy faces
Because we all love a good show

Big fish and small fish
Swimming here in this pond
Fast fish and slow fish
And now one is gone

Jagged, bitter edges hide
Fragile lies about to break
Transparent fools trapped inside
Each to make the next's mistake

'I pray for you more than me
Now life is never dull
The two of us have worlds to see
I think you're beautiful'

When Christmas grew near
And the shoppers appeared
Wearing their caroler's best
I was blinded by lights

I wish I was an otter
Skies and waves the color of jeans
It fills my pants with water
The ocean is really cool beans

They tell me that they care
But I know what lies beneath
Once they see my nightmare
They're lying through their teeth


Raindrops drumming on the car ride home
No one beside me; I’m on my own
Alone with my thoughts- a listless moan

Three brothers walking after dawn
Found gold in a pot on their lawn
Said the first, 'Let us share! '
Said the next, 'We won't dare! '

Church bells echo down the river run
Father rises with the Sunday sun
He won’t miss a day
He sings hymns loudly on the chapel floor

The many led by few
Sets me apart from you
And everyone who lacks one keen desire
For the one wealth to find

At every dire turn
Please don’t fade away
Oh, when will I learn?
Just wait one more day…

Shivering on the icy floor
Hushed sobs in that dark place
Her hand shields her ashen face
From the cracked mirror on the door

“Believe in what you see
Because my eyes have never lied
If none would hear my plea
Will this mask hold me up inside?

His labored breathing hissed
As such a spiteful spirit sought
My blood spilled on the floor
Well, what are you waiting for?

Running hot blooded and young as the night
Stepped into this tunnel to pick my fight
Eyes dead ahead on a distant light

'Another tear drop, I regret
Fathoms the pain this heart can take'
Are you so eager to forget
Mountains have moved in your wake?

Shadows flicker in the hallway light
More whispers drifting through the night
You pretend I'm not there
I pretend not to care

Should gold be had from lead
Forge me a lavish crown
Because it need not be said
What makes the world go round

Tell me the tales of a heart so scarred
By a love so deep and surreal
That the words of the minstrel and bard
Never came close to what I feel

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Christian. Gymnast. Volunteer. Heart Broken.)

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Magic Trick

Boys and girls, take your places
It's time again, I'm sure you know
To wear your happy faces
Because we all love a good show

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
What's up my sleeves won't fool the wise
But don't you be so blind then
To what a smiling face belies

No cards, no doves, no trap door,
certainly no black and white stick!
How then can you be so sure
That you don't believe in magic?

For everyone crowded here
It seemed beyond reason and rhyme
Why then did none volunteer?
You fell for my act all this time

No will left to control it
Stop your crying, condemn your fear
Watch how with just one bullet
How many lives will disappear

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Silent Speaker 09 July 2009

lol I guess you could say I was inspired to write. Its when lifes most dramatic and almost unbearable that I write best. Thanks for noticing :) -erika

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