Crystal Maresh

Rookie (Nov.1988-Present)

Crystal Maresh Poems

1. Winter Murder Fest 11/12/2007
2. Your Darkest Dream 11/12/2007
3. Drowning 11/16/2007
4. Embrace 11/22/2007
5. Abandon 11/30/2007
6. Forbidden Fruit 1/10/2008
7. Untitled 1/22/2008
8. Decieved Again 5/28/2008
9. Hurt 5/28/2008
10. Possible 6/29/2008
11. Downfall 6/29/2008
12. Fallen 11/12/2007
13. His Touch 11/12/2007
14. I Tried 11/12/2007
15. Look For A Dark Room 11/12/2007
16. Nothing 11/12/2007
17. Lost Blossom 11/7/2007
18. When I See You 11/7/2007
19. Love 6/29/2008
20. The Calm 7/3/2008
21. Sands Of Time 4/17/2009
22. United In Pain 1/13/2010
23. L. Foster 1/13/2010
24. I Love You 11/12/2007
25. Why Does It Hurt 11/7/2007
26. Crystal Rain 11/12/2007
27. Revolver 11/9/2007
28. Shadow Walker 6/29/2008
29. Left Behind 4/17/2009
30. Vampires Feeding 11/12/2007

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Best Poem of Crystal Maresh

Vampires Feeding

When you hear me behind you
Don’t try to run,
I’m up with the moon
And down with the sun.
I’m faster then you
Faster then the light.
I can see you in the dark
For I have great eyesight.
You may run
But you cannot hide.
For before you know it
I’ll be at your side.
You’ll be too scared
You won’t be able to sleep.
For soon from your body
Your blood will seep.
It’ll run don my chin
Onto my shirt.
When your blood is all drained
You’ll fall into the dirt.
I’ll walk away laughing
As you lay there dead.
Where you now lay
Is your ...

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Why does the pattern continue
When we lost our loved ones
Must we live this life
Must we be happy without them?

What about our significant other
When it all comes down
We will always be alone
No matter what anyone says.

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