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When I look into your eyes,
I see my entire life.
I just donno what i would do,
If anything ever happened to you.

she sits
she she thinks
she questions
she cries.

When people ask me where you are,
I wish i could say more then just your far.

With every passing day,

Id sit in the dark,
Alone and crying.
Questioning myself,
Why i bother trying

She sits in the corner cryin,
'N cuttin her pretty arm.
Thinkin about the world,
'N why its so wrong.

Look into a mirror,
And tell me what you see.
At first you see your reflection,
but you have to look deep.


Im happy.
Im sad.
I smile.
I cry.

Im sick of all the lies.
Im sick of the tears you've made me cry.

You say 'lets forgive and forget'

Look into my eyes.
Stare into my soul.
Your body will become hypnotized,
Then sucked into a black hole.

It is said that deep inside your body,
Lies your soul.
Your soul, 'pure' and good.
But how can anyone be so sure?

A murkey blackness radiating from the depths of my mind.
From the shadows to the air,
Together they entwine.

In a world of hate, there is so much lust.
In a world of lust, there is so much pain.
In a world of pain, there is so much fear.

Silence has fallen over me,
I dare not speak.
I sit here alone.
All i can do is think.

Shut away from society,
Locked away from the world.
My body chills with anxiaty.
and still i dont say a word.

Sitting at my desk,
The world at my hands.
My pen and paper infront of me,
Now it all depends.

No longer sencable.
Pulsing through my vains.

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Without You

When I look into your eyes,
I see my entire life.
I just donno what i would do,
If anything ever happened to you.
Your my reason, for getting up in the mornin',
My reason for breathin', my reason for livin'

When I see you smile, everything else just seems to fade.
I dont think i would last,
Even for just one day.
I would follow you, anywhere you go.
But this im sure, you already know.

Take my hand.
Take me with you.
Show me a place that, I never knew.
But please dont leave me, all alone.
I wont survive, on my own.
I need you standin, by my side.
Cuz without you here, i would die.

I love you.
I need you.
Dont make me live...
Without you

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Krystal Vincent 04 July 2009

u r an amazing writer. an i love the poems. mine are a lot like urs. maybe u would like to see my poems and u can comment if u like. i hope all goes well for u

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