Cynthia Buhain-baello Poems

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The Eyes Are Windows

The eyes are windows of the heart
Wherein transparency will show
A myriad feelings to impart
From where in sadness, tears do flow.

Our Eternal Home

I met a doctor who had cancer,
He could not believe it was stage four.
At sixty, to me he was younger,
He said he still had a lot to live for.

A Baby's Laughter

Each time I hear a baby's laughter
I feel a tickle in my heart.

I have to stop and listen better

Inner Beauty

Charm is deceptive and may not be sincere,
And beauty of a face may not soon be here.
As fleeting as Time, that faded Yesterday-
Appearances do not last, it can wither Today.

War Undeclared(Chain Verse)

War undeclared has been there existing,
From a seething anger underneath that grows.
Persistent and nurtured Hate boiling
Reaps the bitter grapes of wrath it sows.

Clay Story (10 Syllables Per Line Poem)

Strange how Life can be more than a story
Plots and characters bring a pleasant thrill
With laughter and tears, some sad and funny
Tragedies and heartaches may bring Pain's chill.

He Died A Hero?

He died a hero
In a war of vague purpose
We really don't know
What it was for, I suppose.

Identity Theft (Plagiarism)

A hidden terrorism,
Without an iota of shame-
This vile plagiarism-
More than stealing a name.

A Father's Tears (Free Verse)

Consummate pain
Like a cruel wrench
Gripped his heart
And crushed, it bled

A Heart That Worships

A heart that worships is so emptied
Of fears, of doubts and worrying
It speaks in joy for what God did
In praise and thanks it always sings.

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