A Father's Tears (Free Verse) Poem by Cynthia Buhain-baello

A Father's Tears (Free Verse)

Rating: 3.5

Consummate pain
Like a cruel wrench
Gripped his heart
And crushed, it bled
A father's tears.

No words define
His anguished grief
A wretched loss
His own son...
His seed.

The baby he carried
In his arms
And nurtured
In paternal love
Now broken, scarred
A shriveled man
His father's eyes
Now bleed.

He would take him back
To be his child
Return him safely
To his past
No war could touch him
Hidden there
His eyes see through
An hourglass.

My boy, my son!
What have they done?
Your life a mangled mess
What's left to do?
These father's tears
Will not replace
The boy, the man
That I once knew!

May 12,2009 Tarlac City Philippines

Meggie Gultiano 05 July 2009

you did really touched my heart reading this, Cynthia..A heart wrenching piece. Well crafted write.Thanks for sharing.God bless you. Hugs, meggie

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Louis Rams 26 April 2012

beautifully written!

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Thank you Louis Rams, I feel honored.

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Michael Gale 07 January 2010

Great use of words. Excellently composed. Had the rating or voting been enabled, I would have given it a ten, for sure. God bless us all-MJG.

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Grace Kusta Nasralla 29 November 2017

Nice poem... can sense he sadness... here's my share: D Losing a loved one is painful A child gets more in grief Same flesh and blood, once grateful Death came sudden like a thief

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Ramesh Rai 26 July 2015

Grief looses its tolerance when a father has to carry dead body of his son. Truly very touching and sensitive write.

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Bartholomew A. B. Sarbah 25 April 2015

really, fathers are full of love for their children though a few may not....but most at times children do not see it....as I read through this poem I was wandering if the child knew the kind of love his father had for him....good poem...

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 24 April 2015

A lovely verse, a father's love holding on to the man! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing (My middle name is Cynthia)

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Kelly Kurt 11 April 2015

As a father to six, this poem made me tremble and weep. I pray for this world and thank you for sharing your poem, Cynthia. Peace

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Thank you Kelly Kurt. It was one of my first poems.

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Cynthia Buhain-baello

Cynthia Buhain-baello

Manila, Philippines
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