Inner Beauty Poem by Cynthia Buhain-baello

Inner Beauty

Charm is deceptive and may not be sincere,
And beauty of a face may not soon be here.
As fleeting as Time, that faded Yesterday-
Appearances do not last, it can wither Today.

What is inside counts and will clearly show
The heart of the person, her real identity.
The inner beauty that everyone will know
It will always last, reveal truth and reality.

All Rights Reserved ~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~04.11.14
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'Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.'
Terry Craddock 08 June 2016

beauty which endures warms blesses future years is beauty springing perpetually from a pure radiant soul a beautiful poem read with pleasure

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Paige Brimer 17 April 2014

And lest we forget: Do not let your adorment be that of the external braiding of the hair, nor the putting on of gold ornaments, but let it be of the secret person of the heart. Many scriptures like this one, I'm not sure where they are and don't really want to take time to look it up... just because, if that was seed sown in your heart and it took root and grew, you'll recall it too, If not, maybe better left alone.

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 01 February 2016

Thank you Paige Brimer

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Akhtar Jawad 08 June 2016

Your poem, so beautiful, inspired me to write a poem, I'm copying it below: - Beauty (Poem by Akhtar Jawad) The silk of your long and shining hair, The marble of your pinkish white forehead, The stars that twinkle in the deep brown eyes, Don’t ask me, I’ll be mislead, Every day you ask how you look on that day! The nose a pillar, holding palace of the charms, The lips so soft, what of pink soft roses, Matching the softness of your kind round arms, Hugged and embraced, eyelids are closed, Further I am moving on the love’s highway, Let me enter your heart the source of beauty, Handle with care my wheels of clay! If I slipped down I know sweetheart, Hills and fountains are waiting for me, My whole is looking for a narrow pavement, In a pink valley it’s me, do you see? Feel me sweetheart, if you cannot see, Keep me embracing if you cannot talk, I shall whisper in your heart, I couldn’t tell, Let me crawl slowly, I cannot walk!

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 12 September 2017

Thank you Akhtar Jawad, your poem is profound and superbly written.

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Valsa George 11 March 2019

External appearances are often deceptive! What is inside is the only true thing! Unfortunately man is assessed looking at his external appearance and his inner worth is often ignored! A meaningful write!

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Dr Antony Theodore 30 December 2018

What is inside counts and will clearly show The heart of the person, her real identity...The inner beauty and real identity without falsehood. very nice theme and poem. tony

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Narayanan Kutty Pozhath 25 April 2018

Inner beauty of a person is more important than outer beauty.

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Invisible One I Am Not Here 19 January 2018

Abolutely agree with this Cynthia and i love so much... thanks for sharing xx

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Marvin Brato 06 December 2017

Lovely sentiments ma'am, love it!

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Cynthia Buhain-baello

Cynthia Buhain-baello

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