He Died A Hero? Poem by Cynthia Buhain-baello

He Died A Hero?

He died a hero
In a war of vague purpose
We really don't know
What it was for, I suppose.

An axis of evil?
A war on Terror-
But assessments reveal
Man's greed and error.

Was it about oil?
Who was the aggressor-
Did we make him recoil
Or were we the oppressor?

So where' s the victory
Where indeed is the end?
Death's the only reality
For the soldiers you send.

Familes now broken
Young and old lives lost,
Fathers and sons taken
Oh, at such a great cost!

'He died a hero'
Tell that to their children,
The pain of loss you don't know
As you plan a new war again.

July 15,2009
Makati, Metro Manila

Edward Kofi Louis 02 September 2016

Terror, horror! With man's greed and error. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 02 September 2017

Such a powerful poem, ate Cynthia...congrats for being picked twice👍👍👍

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Kim Barney 02 September 2016

Very well done. Congrats on having it chosen as poem of the day!

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I'm against all wars and I feel that there should be a unified effort world wide to make wars illegal..wonderfully realistic poem..

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wow this is a very good poem so much feeling in it very good i love it

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Michael Walker 17 July 2019

I relate to your thoughts on the negative side of war, and use of irony. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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Khalid Saifullah 29 May 2018

Yes, he died a hero, no doubt in it terror is an error.

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Narayanan Kutty Pozhath 27 April 2018

Ill effects of war on families and children. Really appreciate these lines.

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Captain Cur 02 September 2017

A heartfelt write with a strong message against the casual and apathetic way war is treated in our modern age.

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Mario, Lucien, Rene Odekerken 02 September 2017

Beautiful poem Cynthia Thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken

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Cynthia Buhain-baello

Cynthia Buhain-baello

Manila, Philippines
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