Bijay Kant Dubey Dalit Poems

What Does Dalit Signify It?

Dalit, Dalit is a word signifying
What is it trodden, suppressed, oppressed
And exploited and tortured,
The poorly downtrodden, have-nots, the exploited,

Caste, Class, Creed And Dalit Literature

Dalit literature,
This is possible in India,
In Indian context only,
Not at all applicable to English literature

Dalit Literature, Let Them Write, You Write It Not

Dalit literature, let them write,
You write it not,
The story of their life,
The narratives and anecdotes

Dalit's Case, Why Are They Handling?

Dalit's case, why are they handling,
Dalit's matter, why are they taking up,
Let them take up and say
Rather than them

Dalit literature, should it come up from
The Dalits or the non-Dalits,
Whose prerogative is it to lodge
Or voice the protest,

Did Adi Shankaracharya not see Shiva
As a kangal boy
In the disguise
Just a small naked black boy,

Dalit literature means the literature
Of the oppressed and the suppressed,
Means whose rights have been infringed upon,
politically, socially, economically not,

Krishna asking his foster mother,
More important than his own mother,
As she did it for for the child's sake
Whereas his own mother could not,

For That Poor Dalit Girl

Beats it the heart,
You do not know it,
How much do I love her,
How much I like her?

The Dalit Priestess Of My Heart

When I see nobody as to light
The incense sticks and the lamp
In my room for worship,
I ask the Dalit girl working

The politics of Dalit literature,
The politics of Brahmin literature,
How to discuss it
Who from where,

That Poor Dalit Girl

I saw her smiling
In the hamlet
Playing with dust,
Under the sun

Dalit, Dalit Literature

Dalit, Dalit literature,
The literature of the Dalits
By the Dalits or other than

Now stop you saying,
Stop you,
If you have to say,
Say you

What Does The Word Dalit Mean?

My first point is,
What does the term,
Mean it,

What Is Dalit Literature? Do You Know?

What is Dalit literature?
The literature dealing with the Dalits,
The Dalit people,
Their life and culture,

Dalit Literature, Dalit Literature

Dalit literature, Dalit literature,
I hear the people saying,
The people I mean the academics,
Specially the scholars

Dalit Poetry, Dalit Matter

Dalit poetry
Of the Dalits,
By the Dalits,
For the Dalits.

Dalit literature
Of the Dalits,
By the Dalits,
For the Dalits

Why Are You After The Dalit?

why are you after the Dalits,
Let them live,
Have a life of own,

Dalit Girl Calling Me

Dalit girl calling,
Calling me
With love,

Who a Dalit,
Searching the theme

Dalit, Dalit,
Have you,
You ever tried to know,
Know the meaning

Something is definitely admirable
And human in them,
But something is vehemently sociological
Which but you cannot

Dalit Literature, What Is Dalit Literature?

Dalit literature. What is Dalit literature? Who is writing whose literature?

What the theme? What the matter? The crux of it? The politics behind it.


Dalit literature,
Dalit literature,
Of the Dalits, by the Dalits or for the Dalits,
A Dalit writing about a Dalit

Dalit Literature, How Has Love Grown For?

There had not been,
But all of a sudden how has love grown
For Dalit literature,
Is it for dissertations?

Dalit Poetry, Dalit Drama, Dalit Prose, Dalit Fiction

Dalit poetry,
Dalit drama,
Dalit fiction,
Dalit prose,

Chandalika's Heart A Dalit Heart Beating For Ananda

In love with Ananda
The Boddha Bhikku,
Waiting for

Dalit, Dalit, Dalitization Of Literature

Dalit, Dalit, this Dalitization of literature
Like I not
As for unnecessary politicization,
Say you,

Dalit, Dalit, What Is This Nonsense?

Dalit, Dalit,
Downtrodden, downtrodden and trampled,
Crushed below,
Under the feet,

A Brahmin I Kissing A Dalit Girl, Think I, Why Did I After?

A Brahmin
Pundit I

Dalit Literature, The Non-Dalit Writing, How Can It Be?

Dalit literature,
The non-Dalit writing it
For making fame,
How can it be?

Bihar In Third-Class Talks, Who Dalit, Who Undalit?

Bihar in third-class talks,
Who a Dalit,
Who an un-Dalit?

Dalit Literature, Is It Political Or Sociological?

Dalit literature, is it
Political or sociological,
Telling about the rights
And social justice meted out to them?

That Dalit Girl

Too is my daughter-like
How can I negate it
From accepting,
That poor, unprivileged,

Dalit Literaure, Let Them...

Dalit literature, let them
Say and write,
Those who are the Dalits,
The downtrodden,

The Dalit Diaspora

The Dalit literature,
The non-Dalits writing
As for their doctorates
And career advancement.

Dalit literature
Like the Black literature
Let them write,
Dabble in ink and scribble,

How To Begin Dalit Literature?

How to begin Dalit literature,
Drona, you made him cut the finger,
The finger of the poor forest boy
As for the royal food and shelter(anna) ,

Can you accept the selling of the wife in Hardy's
The Mayor of Casterbridge?
Hardy himself married again when he had been seventy plus
A woman just below half the age?

What Is In Dalit Literature?

Literature is literature,
What is in Dalit literature,
What there in being Dalit, un-Dalit?

He Is Reading A Paper On Dalit Literature

He is reading a paper on Dalit literature,
Do you know why,
Just for to get the promotion
From the assistant professor to the associate scale


Those who want to promote Dalit literature,
May I ask,
Are they themselves
Or the problems and concerns of them?


Dalit literature,
The non-Dalit writing about
To be benefited from
The stuffs and matters of the Dalits,

Dalit Literature, How Long Will It Remain Dalit?

Dalit Literature, I deplore it
That the non-Dalits are writing,
Putting it to word
And with it,

Their literature
You are writing,
I mean you are working
For your Ph.D. on Dalit literature,

Dalit Poetry

Dalit poetry,
Found I in the fisherman’s home,
The fisherman working all daylong,
From early in the morning,

Dalit Literature

Literature is literature,
What it to do with Dalit or un-Dalit?
If it is really of the Dalits, by the Dalits and for the Dalits,
Why are they critiquing it


Dalit literature search I in
The Little Black Boy
And London of Blake,
Dalit literature search I in

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