Of A Human Life, part Four Of Four Poem by Daniel Brick

Of A Human Life, part Four Of Four

Rating: 5.0

Don't call my name yet,
postpone that summons
as long as possible. Let
the earth begin a new orbit, faster
and reckless. let things wind down
and begin to spiral into each other.
Let my fear reach its apogee
of terror, and then disintegrate
into a mist, a cool mist for a moment
and then nothing holds together, it all
disappears into invisibility. And I am
at peace, even though peace is a chamber
of existence that beats faintly,
until a great metaphysical Hand
attached to no shoulder slips
into our dimension and rescues
the spirit, if not the flesh, of things.
But please reconsider calling my name.
I am not ready to carry the weight
of my life events before a tribunal
that has ordered life and death
since Egypt ruled the East. Don't let
that Power yank me off the stage
of mere living. I promise to live for others.
Grant me another century of achievement.

I wrote this poem spontaneously, without thinking ahead of my word by word progress.
Susan Williams 03 March 2021

Daniel--Your spontaneous writing proves you are a giant of a poet! ! !

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Susan Williams 03 March 2021

I dropped into PH to read a poem by you and a few other favorites. You are a master of a writer

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Susan Williams 03 March 2021

5 stars to add to a starry sky and favorited it

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Glen Kappy 10 March 2021

Brother Daniel, interesting to read this when I've been thinking, along with what Jesus says in John 12, of losing one's life to gain it, dying to live, following Jesus wherever he leads. This has made me think, the way is in a person, life in a person, truth in a person, the person being... -Glen

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Liza Sud 04 April 2021

To live for others - is the best goal and sense of life!

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Richard Wlodarski 23 June 2023

Daniel was a poet of immense talent. I was in total shock when Bharati had announced that he had died. Before his death, I had been blessed and honoured to be working with him on a book of poetry. That was indeed one of the highlights in my life!

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Kevin Patrick 23 June 2023

To know that this is his last poem published on this site is a bitter testament. Those last lines are haunting in their an epilogue to the life of a great and caring man. May your soul dance in another realm.

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Great a poem from a talented poet. It is loss to humanity that Daniel is no more

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What an excellent poem. True talent!

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S H 11 May 2023

This is one of his last poems. He will be remembered for his poetic skills and articulate comments.

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