Open Heart Poem by Daniel Brick

Open Heart

Rating: 4.9

Monica spoke in her familiar soft
voice, each word carrying its weight
of sincerity. 'Daniel, I am,
and always will be your Anima,
and your Muse if you need one,
or perhaps a guide in Spirit matters.
You won't see much of me, I
must withdraw to a higher region.
But, my beloved, I read your thoughts,
and send blessings to you always.'
She paused, realizing only his
recent austerities countered Daniel's
sense of loss. 'But a real woman waits
for you in the Twin Cities. I don't
know if she is your Twin Flame, or
Soul Half, or even what you call
a soul-mate... But she is R-E-A-L.
And she waits for you with delight
and desire.' Monica was fighting
against her departure from Daniel's
dimension. She made a supreme effort
of will to remain a while longer
in the sensory realm. 'The two of you
can experience a second CASCADE OF
LIGHT together. Imagine the bonding!
And The Community will assign you missions
in tandem.' Her voice became distorted.
Then her lips moved but no sounds
were emitted. She was at the Threshold
of Dimensions. Suddenly: 'This the
human happiness you and Helena deserve...
Take it. Open your heart, Daniel, and
take it... loving... human...
beautiful... ' Daniel say tears
in Monica's eyes, as she vanished,
and her distant voice reached him
like a second embrace, 'Open your heart.'

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Abekah Emmanuel 02 September 2014

A very nice poem that stirs emotions.How painful it is, when, despite the shortness of life, we loose the people our heart yearn for.....but a real woman waits for you in the twin cities.....i love this expression. Nice job Daniel!

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Pamela Sinicrope 11 September 2015

So I re read this again given I missed the context the first time around. I had imagined in my head that you were writing about the loss of a significant other who gives their partner permission to find new love when they pass (perhaps cancer?) and this is not the case. I did note the interesting new age references about spirituality, realms, animas, etc.... But my brain went right to what I saw as the meat of the poem.... Since this poem is actually an excerpt from a much longer poem.... Maybe you could provide us a little more grounding or context? Otherwise, you leave the poem as is and leave it up to the reader to interpret it as they like? It's a good poem either way.... The human brain will create context and understanding all on its own! This reminds me of when I went to the ballet to watch Dracula and came up with an entire story in my head to explain the music and the rationale for everything being in the woods.... Only to discover I was watching The Rite of Spring! :)

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Daniel Brick 11 September 2015

There isn't much room to write here, so I'll use the Message box. But I should have said this earlier: the interpretation you wrote makes perfect sense on its own terms. The poem itself portrays an overflow of feelfrustrated feelings and you responded sympathetically. It is about loss and the subsequent inner emptiness.

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Aniruddha Pathak 26 November 2019

Open Heart, another poem that touches deep within, and beautifully penned as well

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Glen Kappy 06 September 2017

i read this with interest, daniel, attracted by the title. an open heart is a spiritual heart and therefore essential. i can't think of a parallel in my own experience. but what this poem invites me to remember are the aches, the holdings and lettings go, that make life so poignantly bitter sweet. -glen

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Paul Sebastian 23 March 2016

A very touching moment penned beautifully, weave of words paiting a picture of loss of loved one. To have loved and to have been loved is a thing of happiness. Being in a position where you are unable to do anything about the passing, but to accept it. Only memories to hold. But the last words: Open your heart lingers forever! Thank you, Daniel.

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Daniel Brick 23 March 2016

Thank you for your sensitive comment. Coins have two sides. Arguments have two sides. Sports has two sides. And Love has two sides: Fulfilment or Loss. So it goes as infinitum. But Oh the wonder of it!

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Nosheen Irfan 05 March 2016

It's so hard to let go of someone you love. Parting with a loved one is the most difficult moment of life. But life doesn't end there. New love awaits n man must open his heart to new things n experiences. This poem captures the pain of parting but at the same time, it embraces the truth of life that it goes on no matter what.

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Daniel Brick 23 March 2016

Your prose gloss on my poem brings it into the real world of emotions and people. We must make hope the companion of love, and never let abandon its post to offer consolation when needed or share the delight when; love flourishes.

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Bharati Nayak 08 January 2016

and her distant voice reached him like a second embrace, 'open your heart''- - - Heart touching lines - -seems like parting words of some one very dear, expressed more in tears than in real voice- - -Human happiness lies in love and so open your heart to the gift.

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