Daniel P Martin Poems

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Every Rose Has A Thorn

The beauty of a Rose, its pure innocence,
The glee it brings when it’s greatness is gifted.
The heart of the beholder filled with wonder,
The senses are taken and one by one are lifted.

My Little Brother

My little brother has tickly toes,
A tickly tummy and a tickly nose.

My little brother has lots of green snot,

Save Me A Place Next To You

For the many long years, we travelled together; our paths would seldom part,
My journey goes on in solitude now; you’re a passenger in my heart,
I said to you so many times before, but now more than never its true,

A Beach Scene

As I lay on my towel, eyes closed; I absorb all that surrounds me
The sun is out and the wind is calm so the beach is full
To my right I can hear the faint but continuous drone of cars
As more and more try to cram into the overcrowded field

Carrots & Sticks

My little square of sky,
With people passing by,
A glimpse into the day,
Distant echoes of play,

A Fallen Penny (Silly!)

When perusing the local library shelves,
Among many other browsers,
I crouched to pick a fallen penny,
And split my flipping trousers.

A Minefield Of Thoughts

Thoughts burst upon us,
Like some interactive soot ‘em game,
Sometimes villains,
Sometimes good guys,

A Great Night, But A Bad Start To The Morning!

You make a decision,
To clear your vision,
But the world has gone all blury.

An Optimist?

Am I an optimist, can that be me,
The glass is too murky to clearly see,
Do I feel hope in the way that it seems,
Perhaps my hopes are just fanciful dreams.

What Life Would I Have Without You?

What building could stand without foundations?
What tree could survive without roots?
What bird could fly without breezes?
What flower could grow without shoots?

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