What Life Would I Have Without You? Poem by Daniel P Martin

What Life Would I Have Without You?

Rating: 4.5

What building could stand without foundations?
What tree could survive without roots?
What bird could fly without breezes?
What flower could grow without shoots?

What wave could crash without oceans?
What rain could fall without clouds?
What flame could spread without oxygen?
What leaves could grow without boughs?

What body could exist without soul?
What eyes could see without view?
What heart could beat without love?
What life would I have without you?

...for my wonderful wife.

Sharron Stephenson 20 September 2011

just to say that this poem hits the stop life is so up and down the base of life should soild

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Cristina Teodor 19 September 2011

Meaning of life exists in everything, in last verses the connections that you made as body-soul, eyes-view, heart-love, life-you, you point to the whole world she is unique to you.Deep feelings expressed in a wonderful poem..Cristina Teodor

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Shadow Girl 12 September 2011

Beautiful poem....its great to know love is still alive and well! ! ! ! ! (somewhere! !)

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Sarah Muna 10 September 2011

That's so sweet I really liked it =)))

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Eric Cockrell 10 September 2011

a beautiful testament to love...

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