A Beach Scene Poem by Daniel P Martin

A Beach Scene

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As I lay on my towel, eyes closed; I absorb all that surrounds me
The sun is out and the wind is calm so the beach is full
To my right I can hear the faint but continuous drone of cars
As more and more try to cram into the overcrowded field

Behind me is a lengthy queue for the cooling effect of ice cream
Children excitedly narrating their decision making process
To my left a group of budding architects are damming the river
Wholly absorbed in their mission; I smile with reminiscence

Above me, I can almost hear the lament of the solitary cloud
Its only company, the silent aeroplane advertising some attraction
But before me, that’s where it is really happening; the sun and the sea
The crashing of the waves, and the children splashing one another

But for now, I’ll stay right here on my towel, reading a good book
And marvel at the scene around me; this is what life is all about

Sally Plumb Plumb 14 February 2012

I get the picture.

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Jacqui Broad 31 October 2011

Marvelous scene you described! I could feel calmness washing over me like waves... Nice silent smile to have for oneself...

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Stefanie Fontker 10 October 2011

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm glad. Lovely writing, the goods things in life are seldom written of, I commend you.

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Hans Vr 22 September 2011

Very good poem, Daniel. Moments like this are among the treasures of life.

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Shadow Girl 17 September 2011

Great imagery...nice to be able to soak up the meaning of life. Liked it, great to read positive poetry for a change! -SG

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Daniel P Martin

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