An Optimist? Poem by Daniel P Martin

An Optimist?

Rating: 4.8

Am I an optimist, can that be me,
The glass is too murky to clearly see,
Do I feel hope in the way that it seems,
Perhaps my hopes are just fanciful dreams.

Am I a pretender, perhaps that’s me,
Uplifting myself artificially,
Is hope just a twisted smokescreen for fear,
Distracting my heart so my mind won’t hear.

Am I’m a realist, blind to life’s lies,
Unmasking despair’s convincing disguise,
Is hope an illusion, duping the weak,
Masking reality, so grim, so bleak.

Am I confused, bewildered and bemused,
Do I ponder, dwell, contemplate and muse,
Rhetorical question; as you can see,
If anything‘s true, it’s that part of me!

I am optimistic; my hopes are real,
Its life that challenges the way I feel,
That glass is now clearing, I see the line,
Definitely half-full… most of the time!

Romeo Della Valle 04 September 2011

A very impressive and thought provoking write full of honest and feelings with positive input! I love it! 10+++ Keep it up! Keep inspiring the World with more of your talented writes! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

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Efran Menny 01 September 2011

i liked the 4th stanza, nice poem it has a great connection with its title

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Elena Sandu 08 August 2011

Yes hope might be an ilusion, but in the same time it is the rope that help us to keep alive. Great choise to be positive by watching the good thing, I think we ourselves are made from good and bad and we can only pray for people who choose to close the mind who never stops to find those little thorns instead keep an opened heart to forgive our bad part.. Loved this poem, thank you for share,10

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Shadow Girl 27 July 2011

Really enjoyed this one...fantastic metaphors...relatable...or maybe the glass is half empty? ? ? ? Who knows! ! ! SG

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