Danny Draper

Freshman - 716 Points [Dabedra] (14 July 1963 / Kiama, New South Wales, Australia)

Danny Draper Poems

1. From Dabedra - 19/8/1993 1/27/2012
2. From Dabedra - 18/10/2004 1/27/2012
3. Crapper Lyrics No 1 1/27/2012
4. Concealing A Wisdom 1/27/2012
5. The World Is Watching 1/27/2012
6. Coat Of Country 1/27/2012
7. From Dabedra - 20/1/2003 1/27/2012
8. The Glance (For Donna) 1/27/2012
9. Happiness (For Helen) 1/30/2012
10. Second Of January 2006 1/30/2012
11. No More The Honest Word (For Mark Felgate) 1/30/2012
12. Ron’s With Roma 1/30/2012
13. From Dabedra - 19-22/5/2004 1/27/2012
14. What Reason For This Mortal Stand 3/1/2012
15. Eternal Rhythm 3/1/2012
16. Build No Shrine 3/1/2012
17. Mirror Rejected Viewer 3/1/2012
18. Blue Wren In Sydney 3/6/2012
19. Days 1 And 2 Neverfail Bay 3/6/2012
20. It Fell Upon The Each Day Earth 3/6/2012
21. From Dabedra - 22/06/1985 3/14/2012
22. From Dabedra - 12/06/1985 3/14/2012
23. Last We Met (To Dad) 3/14/2012
24. Desire Or Design? 3/14/2012
25. From Dabedra 5/12/2005 (For Neville Shields) 3/14/2012
26. The 27th Olympiad (2000) 3/14/2012
27. The End Is Nye 1/23/2015
28. Sonnet For Journey 1/23/2015
29. Business In Syria,14 December 2015 12/14/2015
30. Forbid Arts Love 2/26/2017
31. Sonnet For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 2/26/2017
32. Restored Red Rattler Ride,10 September 2016 (For Neville Shields) 2/26/2017
33. Sonnet For Rising Towers (Written On World Peace Day) 2/26/2017
34. Aleppo 2/26/2017
35. Unruly Elongated Trees 2/26/2017
36. Sonnet For Journey (For Donna) 2/26/2017
37. Tough Times Rhymes 2/26/2017
38. Sonnet For Restoration 2/26/2017
39. For The Recent Bombing Of A School In Aleppo, Syria, About To Hold An Exhibition Of The Children's Art About The War. 2/26/2017
40. Sonnet For Acquirable Resellable Treasure 2/26/2017

Comments about Danny Draper

  • Karen Sinclair (12/6/2012 5:27:00 AM)

    Danny Draper is a wonderfully well rounded poet whos balance and understanding oozes through his work and he may kill me for doing this lol but
    CONGRATUALTIONS DANNY! on getting your book published it is beautiful... i cant wait to drink a cuppa, feet up, may even throw caution to the wind and devour a biscuit and rifle through your words and mind..... karen

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  • Karen Sinclair (6/16/2012 1:40:00 PM)

    Not only is mr draper a talented mighty fine poet who intelligently and compassionately understands and adores the world around him, he is a super decent friend and artist also :)

  • Diane Hine Diane Hine (4/29/2012 10:19:00 PM)

    Danny has a deft touch that draws the reader in to the natural world.
    His poetry is intricately crafted and fascinating.

  • Vanessa Hughes Vanessa Hughes (2/29/2012 4:45:00 AM)

    You are an excellent poet. Your poems encourage one to think about life a little more than if they hadn't been read. Thank you, I shall enjoy a poem a day of yours to consider your thoughts on life in general. Nessy x

Best Poem of Danny Draper

For The Longest Time

For the longest time

Random absent reason bore
Irrational heinous deeds,
Stranger violated sanctuary
Fixing their confused memories,
And restlessness
for the longest time.

They wore it an each day shirt
Spring tide of native tongue,
Pollen grains dust 'n' fury
Ticked days fell from union,
And laid
for the longest time.

They chanced upon
The life cleft beauty,
Sullen indolent skin
Ambient with cold earth,
And talked
for the longest time.

They watched over
The dispersing elements,
Disinterested in ...

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Pesky Bird

Pesky bird, pesky bird
With beauteous voice,
Do not entice me,
I'll have little choice.

Pesky bird, pesky bird
So meticulously preened,
So vivid and alluring,
Stop shadowing me.

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