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For the longest time

Random absent reason bore
Irrational heinous deeds,

Yes I broke my silly leg
That would account for the crutches!

How did it happen?

When all the trees are tall and still
and Sun is shouldered on a hill,
Shadows drench a cooling gully
and nocturnal eyes begin to stir.

I must go down in the seas again, the lonely sea and to die,
And all I ask is a better life and a land to set that by,
And the world's kick and the wind's song and the white fists shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea's face, and great jaws breaking.

Is the selfless heart not most self consumed?
Selfishly conceited by greater goods'
Dimly lit imperfect passage
To intoxication by self-righteous fervour?

No one, is buying poetry.
You can barely give it away,
They might read it online, free,
But no one wants to buy it.

I live in hope that one day
We will live in a world
Without discrimination and bigotry
Where our children will know love

We stop visiting graves
In mind or real,
And wonder where
The years went.

Anticipation is its own reward
When satiated by so sweet a morsel,
So rare that something or someone is
Good and loved both inside and out.

Always I am accepting of others, but
That does not mean that I am interested, try
Holding your faith as sacred and private, and
Evade the falsehood that different is wrong, and

The southerly change came in at 11: 30 pm
cool respite roared its advancing
Aeolian legions of turbulent will
Rousing summer foreboding

A heart grows no older
With the passage of time,
It seeks with a passion
What it sought all the time.

I will walk or fall, but always
I will be strong
relying on myself, or
In times of trouble



A m

Spoke filled rays auriferous spun through
filigree o' verdant canopy
Hold my promise
Shed my fears

To the west near full night
Two banks of dark clouds lay,
The space between the palest,
Faded failing blue,

Pressed by deadlines
Nagging artificial urgency
Bound mindlessly but mindfully to station
Bladder set to burst

Nameless, homeless three month old stray
Congenial and smoochy, purred our way
No collar, no microchip just a posse of fleas
A bit below weight 'neath Pursian hair tease

When it is done
And tentatively
All appears well,
And a country emerges

Face ache, face ache
On the net,
Who's the most popular 
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Danny Draper Biography

I have been writing poems since I was about 12. I am interested in the intricate beauty of language, it's messages and anger and power to love and inspire. I enjoy playing with language to test its maliability sometimes puns, or sounds or shapes, but always the beauty of the words and their places of humour, anger, comfort, love, loneliness, or hatred, exasperation, justice and injustices, indignation, exageration, exaltation, spirituality and love. These are some of the essences of drama and life carried pumping, pulsing raging with life affirming and murderous lust through poetry, the blood of language.)

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For The Longest Time

For the longest time

Random absent reason bore
Irrational heinous deeds,
Stranger violated sanctuary
Fixing their confused memories,
And restlessness
for the longest time.

They wore it an each day shirt
Spring tide of native tongue,
Pollen grains dust 'n' fury
Ticked days fell from union,
And laid
for the longest time.

They chanced upon
The life cleft beauty,
Sullen indolent skin
Ambient with cold earth,
And talked
for the longest time.

They watched over
The dispersing elements,
Disinterested in transgressors
Detached from accusation,
And lingered
for the longest time.

They felt unsure
As marrow lost its days,
History laid and tattered
Fragmented perception,
And disconnected
for the longest time.

They looked away
From forlorn white bones,
Covered by time and its
Accreted specks,
And wondered
for the longest time.

They stayed snagged
Without desire of flight,
Above, below and throughout
Invigorated unseen essence,
And waited
for the longest time.

They saw hands
From a curtain drawn,
A malevolent form
Now at silent peace,
And understood
for the longest time.

They realised relief
From ageless consternation,
Unclenched all disbelief
Welcoming consideration,
And finally released,
Drifted away.

Revised adding first stanza 17/8/2016

Danny Draper Comments

Karen Sinclair 06 December 2012

Danny Draper is a wonderfully well rounded poet whos balance and understanding oozes through his work and he may kill me for doing this lol but CONGRATUALTIONS DANNY! on getting your book published it is beautiful... i cant wait to drink a cuppa, feet up, may even throw caution to the wind and devour a biscuit and rifle through your words and mind..... karen

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Karen Sinclair 16 June 2012

Not only is mr draper a talented mighty fine poet who intelligently and compassionately understands and adores the world around him, he is a super decent friend and artist also :)

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Vanessa Hughes 29 February 2012

You are an excellent poet. Your poems encourage one to think about life a little more than if they hadn't been read. Thank you, I shall enjoy a poem a day of yours to consider your thoughts on life in general. Nessy x

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