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I have been writing poems since I was about 12. I am interested in the intricate beauty of language, it's messages and anger and power to love and inspire. I enjoy playing with language to test its maliability sometimes puns, or sounds or shapes, but always the beauty of the words and their places of humour, anger, comfort, love, loneliness, or hat ...

Danny Draper Poems

For The Longest Time

For the longest time

Random absent reason bore
Irrational heinous deeds,

You Broke Your Leg?

Yes I broke my silly leg
That would account for the crutches!

How did it happen?

When All The Trees

When all the trees are tall and still
and Sun is shouldered on a hill,
Shadows drench a cooling gully
and nocturnal eyes begin to stir.

Race To The Bottom (With Apologies To John Masefield)

I must go down in the seas again, the lonely sea and to die,
And all I ask is a better life and a land to set that by,
And the world's kick and the wind's song and the white fists shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea's face, and great jaws breaking.

A Bag Of Seeds

Is the selfless heart not most self consumed?
Selfishly conceited by greater goods'
Dimly lit imperfect passage
To intoxication by self-righteous fervour?

Danny Draper Comments

Karen Sinclair 06 December 2012

Danny Draper is a wonderfully well rounded poet whos balance and understanding oozes through his work and he may kill me for doing this lol but CONGRATUALTIONS DANNY! on getting your book published it is beautiful... i cant wait to drink a cuppa, feet up, may even throw caution to the wind and devour a biscuit and rifle through your words and mind..... karen

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Karen Sinclair 16 June 2012

Not only is mr draper a talented mighty fine poet who intelligently and compassionately understands and adores the world around him, he is a super decent friend and artist also :)

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Diane Hine 29 April 2012

Danny has a deft touch that draws the reader in to the natural world. His poetry is intricately crafted and fascinating.

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Vanessa Hughes 29 February 2012

You are an excellent poet. Your poems encourage one to think about life a little more than if they hadn't been read. Thank you, I shall enjoy a poem a day of yours to consider your thoughts on life in general. Nessy x

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