For The Longest Time Poem by Danny Draper

For The Longest Time

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For the longest time

Random absent reason bore
Irrational heinous deeds,
Stranger violated sanctuary
Fixing their confused memories,
And restlessness
for the longest time.

They wore it an each day shirt
Spring tide of native tongue,
Pollen grains dust 'n' fury
Ticked days fell from union,
And laid
for the longest time.

They chanced upon
The life cleft beauty,
Sullen indolent skin
Ambient with cold earth,
And talked
for the longest time.

They watched over
The dispersing elements,
Disinterested in transgressors
Detached from accusation,
And lingered
for the longest time.

They felt unsure
As marrow lost its days,
History laid and tattered
Fragmented perception,
And disconnected
for the longest time.

They looked away
From forlorn white bones,
Covered by time and its
Accreted specks,
And wondered
for the longest time.

They stayed snagged
Without desire of flight,
Above, below and throughout
Invigorated unseen essence,
And waited
for the longest time.

They saw hands
From a curtain drawn,
A malevolent form
Now at silent peace,
And understood
for the longest time.

They realised relief
From ageless consternation,
Unclenched all disbelief
Welcoming consideration,
And finally released,
Drifted away.

Revised adding first stanza 17/8/2016

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: longing
Shahzia Batool 30 June 2013

A challenging read indeed! so one can take a due advantage of the statement that poetry is open to interpretation depending on the whims of the readers...when i didn't get anything from the poem, i resorted to comments, which are written neutral, denying any clue to what it is all i think some weaving about the lives of those who are suppressed beings in any capacity, politically suppressed i suppose...and they too in an attitude of a long caged bird which has lost the art of flight, and the will to escape! ! ! (it is all supposed, might be wrong completely) , but for the poem, its language is reader-friendly, when you start you end it too! ! ! thanks! ! !

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Douglas Scotney 30 June 2013

sensitive, and never sought a reason why, unless 'why' was 'ageless consternation'

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Valerie Dohren 02 July 2013

Above my head too Danny - an explanatory note would have helped. But it is well crafted and enigmatic.

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Lyn Paul 02 July 2013

A magical flow of words with an unknown story behind. Beauty, sadness and now peace.

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Walterrean Salley 05 July 2013

A poem beautifully written, whose meaning is somewhat cryptic to the reader. The deep thoughts of a deep mind Danny. We thank you for sharing.

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Laurie Van Der Hart 17 August 2016

Danny, I like the form you've chosen, the images, the development, the release of the tension in the dénouement. But, like the others, I have no clue what your poem is about! Are you going to help us?

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Edward Kofi Louis 23 March 2016

They watched over! With the muse of life. Thanks for sharing.

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Francie Lynch 22 November 2015

Some very strong imagery, particularly in the last three stanzas. But I agree with Madhavan, I'm wrapping my head around some obscurities. Extremely fine effort.

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A. Madhavan 22 November 2015

When reading a new poem, I try to get the writer's tone of voice, the content that I can paraphrase, the rhythm, cadences, structure, the imaginative novelty, the images that seem apt, and finally, my own wish to read it again. Some contributions are, to me, beyond these norms, if the metaphors are jumbled up and abstractions are personified. Sorry, I cannot make out an each day shirt, springtide of native tongue, pollen grains dust'n' fury in the opening verse. I recall some writer saying it is more difficult to write good prose than obscure poetry.

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M Asim Nehal 22 November 2015

Articulate poem indeed...They saw hands From a curtain drawn, A malevolent form Now at silent peace, And understood for the longest time.

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Danny Draper

Danny Draper

Kiama, New South Wales, Australia
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