Darkness Herself Poems

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A Leading Whisper

Please forget all that bad moments you passed through
Please ignore all the people who caused pain and hurt to you
Don’t think about who doesn’t think of you
Rip him out of your heart this someone who doesn’t remember you

My Darkest Desire

Hallow darkness
Come fulfill my dry madness
Quench the fire inside
A part of me has died

Still Linger

Thinking about you stirs my senses and mind
Blood rushes to my head
Beats come to flash suddenly
My whole body quivers

A Struggle Beyond The Mirror

At the mirror I stared
Ignoring why I was that scared
A girl was staring back at me
I stood watching her and I didn’t flee

Beneath The Stains Of Time

Night after night I stare at the sky
Alive but I wish I could die
There is a deep silence in the darkness
And I stand here contemplating this great dimness

No Way Out

I don’t want life anymore
I long to run off this suffocating hole
I’m dwelling in with no one but my own
I need a way out, I’m smothering

My Healing Venom

I can feel the flow of my blood
Running out my thirsty corpse like a flood
I hear the overwhelming inner pain
The swelling flame in my brain

Puzzling Me

You’re making me so insane
You’re driving me out of my brain
And I know that I’m doing the same
And you cannot claim

My Dead Healing Tears

I tried to weep
I tried to fall asleep
But I stand eyes opened
Gaze blackened

Seeping Out Of My Heart

I stare at myself at the eye
I could only see the sadness swelling into a space so dry
I collide my lashes then gaze
My look was ablaze

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