Still Linger Poem by Darkness Herself

Still Linger

Rating: 5.0

Thinking about you stirs my senses and mind
Blood rushes to my head
Beats come to flash suddenly
My whole body quivers
My heart seems to burst out of my chest
Then I lose myself with you haunting my spirit
I don’t wanna wake up from this sweet imagination
I don’t wanna open my eyes to not let you go
I wanna be engulfed by this feeling forever
I remember you
The touch of your fingers
Your breath upon my neck
The taste of your kisses
Every tiny feeling still linger
How I felt safe and secure inside your arms
When I put my head against your chest
Close to your heart
It’s there where a part of you will be forever a part of me

Eyan Desir 26 September 2009

Hmmm Good write..nice words

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Heather r. Stewart 26 September 2009

this is a really good poem poems like this is what makes people wake up and remember who they love...

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Tyrone Wingfield 27 September 2009

beautiful, nothing is more magical than true passion rising. Great write

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Spiritwind Wood 02 October 2009

great poem-we seem to have the same same point of about certin things it a shame we have to hurt to write good poems-excellant job-rated this 10

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Lynda Robson 02 October 2009

Good write, thanks 10 Lynda x

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Shekhar Joshi 01 October 2009

good one....nicely written.........liked it... ;)

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Evaughn Gray 28 September 2009

beautiful piece just put together with amazing talent in mind. You are a very talented poet. keep writing and i'll keep reading! ~ Hazel G.E

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Gwendalynn Ash 28 September 2009

Amazing! it truley did make me remember who I love and love him more.

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