A Leading Whisper Poem by Darkness Herself

A Leading Whisper

Rating: 4.6

Please forget all that bad moments you passed through
Please ignore all the people who caused pain and hurt to you
Don’t think about who doesn’t think of you
Rip him out of your heart this someone who doesn’t remember you
Oh how simple to say all that
How I long to keep in mind what you came to tell me
I wish I could erase all kind of hurtful things of my brain
I wish I could neglect everyone who neglects me
I wish I could bring the pure smile of mine
I’m laying on grieve
Breathing pain
And wait for the dark to come…

Kayla Caron 26 September 2009

Wow that is like REALLY good.I can deffinatly relate to this piece you wrote, I want to rip out memories that still linger but have no serious importance.the memories from the past that still haunt n tease me in the dark...that is what I have pulled from this piece of yours.

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Rehana Nazli 26 September 2009

Why would you torture yourself if the other does not have an insight to care and love you....release yourself from the misery of pain and hurt that takes you away from creativity... good exploratory poem.

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Eyan Desir 26 September 2009

Just get a new lover.. your promblems over 10

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Heather r. Stewart 26 September 2009

this is a great poem your poems arent like everyone elses and iam sure they has told you that your not doing it right believe me ive had the same problem i write my own way and its great to read a poem from someone that doesnt write like everyone else your poems are really great they mean alot to someone that has the same problems heart break, a guy that just cant make up his mind, fear of letting someone else steal your heart becuz ur scared it will just get broken again i know my poems are what i feel and it seems yours are too your a great poet and someday everyone else will be saying the same thing i am right now....your poems are the greatest :)

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Sarah Abdullah 27 September 2009

Really Good.. Love reading it... really unique....

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Lawrence S. Makola 22 April 2010

this one motivates people us with no friend any more but poemhunter site

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Spiritwind Wood 02 October 2009

well done...like this-looking forward to read from you

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Shekhar Joshi 01 October 2009

True...its easier said then done......... liked it............ ;)

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thomas carolan 29 September 2009

very well done I like your stuff tomo

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Evaughn Gray 28 September 2009

This is a very beautiful poem. I truly enjoyed reading it! Merci beaucoup ~ Hazel G.E

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