Beneath The Stains Of Time Poem by Darkness Herself

Beneath The Stains Of Time

Rating: 4.3

Night after night I stare at the sky
Alive but I wish I could die
There is a deep silence in the darkness
And I stand here contemplating this great dimness
Telling my tragedy
And every tale about me
I listen to the overwhelming sound of my heart
Smothering me and tearing me apart
I gaze at the gleaming stars
And think about my inane dull scars
A strike of agony made me yell as pain was so supreme
It was bigger than I could deem
Sooner sun will shine
And I’ll lose every sign
Of existence
And persistence
I want the dark to cover the day
Because brightness leads me astray
I weep to myself
Cos feeling doesn’t exist upon me
Beneath the stains of time
The feelings just disappear

Aubrey silver 03 February 2009

i love your peoms all are excempitionuly good no for get good they are absulutly pure genius good work and like i said i love them all

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Ana Zaldivar 03 February 2009

Wow this is very beautiful! I love ur style of writting. I hope you post more poems soon, it will be a pleasure to read them too. ana

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Stacy Day 03 February 2009

I love it! I think you could really relate to my poetry.You should take some time to read a few.Great Poem! 10

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Killing Hope 02 February 2009

A good poem. I wish you well.

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