Eleventh Flag Poem by Darlene Walsh

Eleventh Flag

Rating: 2.8

I parked the car between two white lines and looked out over the grassy field
For Memorial Day in memory of the brave heros we planted eleven flags

Barely a hundred stones, some flat markers, some tall monuments
Our cemetery is small barely 10 years old

Three little children and mother, victims of a car crash
Brokenhearted husband and father left the country in tears

Husbands and wives, some alone waiting for their other half
Some side by side through eternity their love lasts

The deacon's son, dead from drugs long before his time
Another young man drank his way into his hole

A hundred stories of cherished love and tears
In many years after I've grown old I will come here too

Sprouting here and there grew plastic flowers and solar candles
Some faded some fresh, all planted with loving care

Scattered among the stones are eleven marked by flags
They served their country, saving our home shores

The eleventh flag planted belongs to one I love
Grandpa's funeral had Taps and white gloves folding a flag
A war hero, husband and father, and I miss him still

Last year I helped plant 10 flags. Then grandpa died, so this year we planted 11 flags. Sorry for no rhymes, I just wasn't feeling like rhymes for this poem.

2014, another year has gone by and this year we planted 13 flags in our little cemetery. Hug a veteran today, they may not have many tomorrows left.
Kim Barney 16 March 2015

Poems don't have to rhyme, At least not all the time. This is lovely, and I have voted it a ten.

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Bri Edwards 23 December 2014

this won't hurt you; i know. heroes is what you meant. :) and deacons: here is where your apostrophe belongs. it's nice to honor those you care about with your words and deeds. thanks for sharing. bri :) p.s. i hugged a veteran today. she was shopping in Victoria's Secret and her boyfriend chased me off. SHE would have chased me but she wasn't dressed properly.

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Susan Lacovara 31 May 2014

Your words are eloquent and deeply bittersweet. For your Grandfather...My thanks for his service that my liberties were protected. You described beautifully, without rhyme, what love you have in your heart! And thank you for continuing to visit my words, as well. PEACE

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Mazhari David 27 May 2014

Who cares about rhymes? We care or at least I care about what is at stake in a poem and in the poet's life. And your poem, regarding that matter, is a jewel... * *

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Chuy Amante 26 May 2014

That was very touching my dear, thanks

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