Winter's Heart Poem by Darlene Walsh

Winter's Heart

Rating: 4.6

My heart is filled with winter
And love can never again enter
Forever more I shall be a lamenter
Only pain has been left as my center

I dared to believe that dreams come true
The moments it lasted were just a few
It was gone in a instant like sun on the dew
For just the briefest of time we were two

The evening sky was obsidian blackness
Decembers's cold was showing its hardness
I thought my love was safer than any fortress
Life has again shown itself to be heartless

A knock at the door and life came to an end
At first I thought, 'It must be a friend.'
At the sight of the badge, my heart did rend
Into darkness I did quickly desend

The words they spued I just couldn't bear
How long did I just stand there and stare
Till the words sank in and became a nightmare
I think I collapsed but I was no longer aware

My dream ended that obsidian night
All that was joy became grim blight
It was the end of all delight
Life me hit again with spite

I thought life had begun
Now all was done
Nowhere to run
I was undone


Thursday, March 16, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: death
Poem about the moment the police came to my door, and informed me my husband died in a car accident.
Edward Kofi Louis 16 March 2017

Death! ! May his soul rest in peace. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bri Edwards 17 March 2017

but i WILL change Mightmare to Nightmare for the showcase! :) :)

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Darlene Walsh 17 March 2017

Thanks, fixed my Mightmare. Wouldn't be me if I didn't have at least one typo.

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Bri Edwards 17 March 2017

spued..............seems to be an archaic spelling*****. spew (spjuː) vb 1. (Physiology) to eject (the contents of the stomach) involuntarily through the mouth; vomit 2. (Physiology) to spit (spittle, phlegm, etc) out of the mouth 3. (usually foll by out) to send or be sent out in a stream: flames spewed out. n something ejected from the mouth *****Also (archaic) : spue ====================================== i KNOW it seems petty to tell you about spued in a comment about a poem about your terrible tragedy. if it bothers you (my spelling note) , i'm sorry. it is from one friend to another, as life goes on. and LIFE WILL GO ON, as difficult as it may be at first! please, let me be right! ! and please seek help/counseling if you get TOO LOW/depressed. ========================================== Life me hit again with spite...............? ? ? ? this doesn't sound quite right to me, my friend. :) you use nightmare in the body of the poem, but then you end with this: Mightmare Unfair Fear Tear ....................... i think you'll see what i mean. ====================== D, i still have more of your recent messages to read. i don't know if this is the one you referred to in one message. if so, i disagree with your opinion that it is not very good. clean it up a bit and it is plenty good, though perhaps not great like some earlier poems. i hope you continue to write and share with us (esp. me) on PH. best wishes...........always, bri :) p.s. assuming you're honest in the Poet's Notes, and i have no reason to doubt you, .............. Life has again shown itself to be heartless..............yes, life can seem heartless, and it's ok to say it is. BUT it isn't always! ! ! you know you've had more than your share of heartless moments in your young life, but you've also had some very nice moments. there is plenty of time for more, many more, nice moments. chin up! smile! even if you are crying inside (and outside as well) TRY your BEST to grab ahold of whatever people offer you to help you through the tough times. please keep in touch. to MyPoemList. let me know if this is what you want in March or April showcase. now i shall read your more recent messages. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 17 March 2017

i'll bend my preference for poems of not-much-more-than 20 lines, as i've advertised for my new showcase strategy. bri :) p.s. and i'll put your Poet's Notes below your poem in the showcase. thanks.

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Loved this ‘heart filled with winter", but I feel how the Spring of Poetry emanates from it! Marvellous. Top score.

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Anil Kumar Panda 16 October 2022

Sorry for your loss. May his soul rest in peace. Very heart touching poem. Can understand your pain.

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Mokhele Mabaso 16 October 2022

Beautiful poem! love it.

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Bri Edwards 22 August 2022

stanza 4: descend...I added a 'c' stanza 6: I think add commas in last line to set off 'me'? I HOPE YOU AND YOUR KIDS (2 boys?) ARE WELL, and perhaps prospering.

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My heart goes out to you x

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