Rookie (March 26,1957 to? / San Diego, California)


1. The Whispering Of Me. 1/10/2008
2. The Withering Of Beauty 3/3/2008
3. Love Is Smiling 9/3/2008
4. I Try So Hard 9/5/2008
5. 'Weighted Wings' 12/9/2009
6. Loser Of Life. Please Define. 6/18/2006
7. Do You Think About? 3/13/2007
8. Never Be Sorry 4/1/2007
9. An Angel In Your Midst 4/1/2007
10. Just A Picture 4/7/2007
11. The Gain Of Loss 9/13/2007
12. When Depression Owns The Heart......... 6/21/2006

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When Depression Owns The Heart.........

.......It's a depression so deep it finds a way into the Soul,
traveling through every pore of your Heart.

A depression so enlarged, it encompasses every bit
of your Reality,
leaving that Reality, a mere cloudy memory.

A depression so dense, it compresses every will
you once had,
bowing you down to accept that will, as it's own.

A depression so devious it takes you piece by piece,
consuming, each piece,

day by day.
A depression so truly disheartening,

it Leaves You,
with no other emotions.

A depression so dangerous, ...

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