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This world is a target board
we all try our luck but hitting a shot
Only few fortunate find target
Struggle is for many more


Hit your ball as hard as you can
the poles are firm in its place
only a guard is moving around
to safe guard the place

Superpowers are no exceptions
they ruled and now feel the burden
which way world moved was not in their hands
Now when they see the world not


Poems are for others to judge
Your imagination is unlimited
Your passion drives your thoughts
Oil will never mix in water

I have a tinge to tickle
if you know my worth
a bubble to trouble
if you know my worth

Those who have too many questions about God
They are lost.
They deny and they keep denying
They find faults in HIS creations

I tried it several times
But failed in every attempt
In return I got hurt severely
Though without apparent wounds



As my horse gallop past the bushes
I realise that something was hiding behind
By the time I made a decision,
I could only catch glimpses of it

Words are carrier of feelings
Feelings should be given preference
Some poets prefer to use words
Words heavier than feelings


We are guilty of curse, Not the God
He gave us choice to choose
Long back HE stopped direct punishment
Reserved HIS rights for final judgment


You wanted green grass to grow fast
in your lust to make it vast
You killed many lives and left child orphans
Now these urchins are creating terror for you

Take my heart play with it,
Take my head play with it,
Take my courage and test it,
Take my patience and test it.

We are ungrateful souls
We only look at ourselves
Our greed has not limits
It has no bounds

The ripple in water
And the thoughts in mind
Icicles this life's journey.

We see YOUR signs but see You not,
We hear Your songs but hear You not,
We feel Your presence but touch You not.
Its all that mystery surrounds You.


The bows and arrows
Who cares now
The roses and lilies
Have filled the gap

Poem hunter is a great place to show case your talent
People from different country and background come to share
Few are exceptional writer, few just the beginners
Point here is nit to fight and show one-upmanship

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On Target

This world is a target board
we all try our luck but hitting a shot
Only few fortunate find target
Struggle is for many more
Keep trying until you succeed.

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