Song: Conspiracy Theory Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Song: Conspiracy Theory

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We will all go out in sunshine,
And will come back in the dark;
With the secret state provocateurs,
The agent and the narc.

So it's business as usual.
But on closer perusal,
A deep sense of personal loss.
It's business as usual,
Amidst a desperate refusual,
To accept any blame or the cost.

Conspiracy theories: you know it's just really,
The way the world works for the haves and have-nots.
Conspiracy theories: with agendas of queries,
Connivance, collusion, setups and plots.

There are bulls amok in the china shop,
With tuskers in the mall;
And the elephant in the room is agitprop,
For the buskers beneath the wall.

Conspiracy theory: common knowledge as merely,
False news going viral while truth takes to it's cot.
Conspiracy theory: we all should be leery,
For that which confounds us will tie us in knots.

Conspiracy theories: you know that they're clearly,
Red meat for the trolls and the rabid crackpots.
Conspiracy theories: will we pay for them dearly?
When the shill frames the target they'll soon call the shots.

There are keyboard cats on laptops,
With a music scratch and scrawl.
When will the dance come to a stop,
And who will drop the ball?

Conspiracy theories: new ones appear yearly.
Conspiracy theories: as if part of a series.
Conspiracy theory: when the outlook is dreary.
Conspiracy theory: so touchingly feel-y.

Conspiracy theory: so attractive and nearly.
Conspiracy theory: wild, woolly and eerie.
Conspiracy theory: I've had enough and am weary.
Conspiracy theory: I'm fed up and I'm teary!

Saturday, December 31, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: politics
Terry Craddock 31 December 2016

We will all go out in sunshine, And will come back in the dark; With the secret state provocateurs, The agent and the narc.' a wonderful stanza, this is the second conspiracy theory poem I have commented on today, so many of us are tired of the government cover ups and refusal 'To accept any blame or the cost.' The root cause is money protects money, power maintains the status quo at any cost, this is 'The way the world works for the haves and have-nots.' People are tired of a status quo which excludes the powerless, at least the poor with nothing to loss are, this is the reason a secretary of state campaigned only in California and large cities, ignoring rural America, common people, common views; this is the reason she lost almost every state and won cities but not rural communities, despite no security on her personal laptop she was not hacked, she was trumped; common people got tired of being lied to, excluded and treated like idiots, nothing to do with Russia, this was a wave goodbye of massive rejection from within. A poem which needed to be written, waiting for many more equally well written.10+++

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Pamela Sinicrope 31 December 2016

Well done. I like the rhythm, flow, and verse in your song. I think many of us are weary...and hopeful.

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