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I started writing poems, short ones from my childhood. They were either crumpled and thrown away by myself or I just tore them away. After some time, my passion was extinguished and I experienced a sterile period, a kind of dormancy within myself. But yesterday ie 21st June 2006, something sparked inside me and I knew I could write poems again. And I thank God for that!

- As I Burn Fair

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Teach Me How To Smile

My son, teach me how to smile.
So many years polluting my soul
I've forgotten how to smile.
I keep a catalogue now

Pain Of Heart

Sitting in this dingy room
Unloved and uncared for
I feel darkness close in on me
Like vultures on poor little ponies

Arr! Pirates

Ye Pirates! They commence forth
Swindling gold, swushing swords.
With skeletons' support masts
They arrive in Devil's red glory!

The Funeral

Dead silence blares through the air
Silent tears roll down resolute faces
Aches of heart slice the air
A funeral is on its way, behold.

Two Seconds Of Happiness

Two seconds of Happiness is
All that I ask for;
Battles of uphill heldforth,
Burdens and Cut-throats withheld,

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