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Pain Of Heart

Sitting in this dingy room
Unloved and uncared for
I feel darkness close in on me
Like vultures on poor little ponies

Why does my heart ache so much?
Is it a disease or just my luck?
I pray to you God again
Take away all this pain

Hit me, bruise me, crumble me
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Guarded Heart 26 June 2006

You are not alone, for my heart is being ripped out as i write this. the pain is unbearable, but you do not expierience alone. Heart

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Barbara Terry 25 June 2006

David your pain is very clear in these lines, and I can not only empathize with you, but I can indentify too. My life has been an uphill battle since I was a small child, hopefully yours will take a turn and start down the hill. Never give up hope tho David, because our Lord is watching over us, and even tho He doesn't come right out and tell us, He does give us signs that we can see. Chin up, because I have been where you are, and I made it past all of the physicalness of the pain, and even tho there is still pain in my heart David, I can still see beyond the gravity of the reasons for that pain too. Take care and know that Jesus does love you. Barbara

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