The Broilers And Me

Trembling in fear or amusement, rustling their feathers
cramped up in their 3 by 3 inch space, the hens
they cluck away.

Not knowing what awaited them, seeing the butcher hack
with his mighty axe; Oh! but they do see
but they're blind!

Soon they will be chopped up, peppered and broiled.
They think its funny, so they cluck merrily
the stupid chickens.

Some stay sane and lie down calmly, nodding,
seeming to understand the complications, don't worry
it'll end too soon.

Others they cluck, 'Good day Mr.Feathery', 'Nice day Mrs.Fatty'
'How very nice of you, to join me in this asylum? '
Idiots I mean!

Its the way of the chain, food chain, eco-chain
This I know, but anyway I pity them
the mindless clocks.

The meat is fried, the aroma fills the air,
They seem to inhale them, so they turn quite
Just for a sec.

I inhale it too, I know its ready, so tells my saliva pond
Money buys happiness, so money I give
Meat I get, chickens that is!

The smell fills my nostrils, my brain is confounded
'Ta ta feathery idiots' I say 'See you in the tummy'
Bye bye

I walk out, my mind clear, all my thoughts now
filled with chicken, only I'm the eater
Chickens my dinner

The 'poor-chicken' thoughts tucked away neatly for reuse
Who says 'Money gives happiness'? , chickens do
If you know what I mean

I'm sane again. I'm hungry,
So chicken's meat, give me pleasure;
the hell with you, philanthrophy

I wonder what life teaches us? Just to cluck away
merrily, not knowing what awaits us in future? Or just
shut the hell n eat your chicken?

(21-06-06, Eanikkara)