David Blaine Poems

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Teach Me How To Smile

My son, teach me how to smile.
So many years polluting my soul
I've forgotten how to smile.
I keep a catalogue now

Pain Of Heart

Sitting in this dingy room
Unloved and uncared for
I feel darkness close in on me
Like vultures on poor little ponies

Arr! Pirates

Ye Pirates! They commence forth
Swindling gold, swushing swords.
With skeletons' support masts
They arrive in Devil's red glory!

The Funeral

Dead silence blares through the air
Silent tears roll down resolute faces
Aches of heart slice the air
A funeral is on its way, behold.

Two Seconds Of Happiness

Two seconds of Happiness is
All that I ask for;
Battles of uphill heldforth,
Burdens and Cut-throats withheld,

To Break Free Into Oblivion

Hurt down by unseen chains, I wept
For a twinkle in the dark sky;
A reminder, that dreams are still alive
I craved for a spark, to flare my embers.

My Existence In Question Here!

'Are you alive? '

The Broilers And Me

Trembling in fear or amusement, rustling their feathers
cramped up in their 3 by 3 inch space, the hens

To The Interview...

The situation: Few seconds prior to the author's Infosys Interview. The author was next in line and was waiting outside the interview room. The author's terror is being portrayed here....Scroll down and you'll feel it too.

The Eudemon Sweeper

Early morning he wakes up
Packs his clothes and ties his shoes
Picks his broom and sweeps the lane
He's the village sweeper.