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Evening Lamp!

You appear at this cross-
Upon the rising flame of earthen lamp
Lighted- in my evening prayer,

Oh Muse! Come With The Shower Of Bliss

Oh Muse!
When this heart is heavy
restless journey halts,
In fiery spring sun, to darkness-

A Summer Afternoon Rain

Oh’ Muse!
High from the highest ranges!
Your smile hails with respite-
Stealing this fervent memories weary band-


My Mother they call-
Fortunate is mine to be blessed-
to be prized for the struggle,
that melts into sweet harmony -

I Hold In My Bosom

This night is frozen- in delicate frame,
When the rain lashed, rising waves rode
Over his heights of wisdom, giving in bliss
All melts into your elixir, my beloved- abode!

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Dr Library @ Debadarshi 08 September 2016

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Jyotirmayee Ray 13 February 2016

I remember the first time I read through your poems (I started with 'Mother' n 'Songs of a wedding robe' if m right) , I was more than happy as to see such beautiful lines coming from a kid like u. I have read most of ur earliest poems in the manuscript form. Glad to see the numbers increased n the style, tone, manner polished. Way to go, boy. My blessings!

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Dr Library @ Debadarshi 03 August 2015

To- All my friends.... and to the person, who has selflessly guided, led me through this journey of sketch, sclupture of words, .... Whose reminiscence is enough to land on the sphere of bliss, spirituality, whose words echo the undying sentinel of sagely legacy.... Whatever the time may turn with the tide, you ll always be vivid, the eternal Muse- etched in memory.....One day is too short to express my gratitude, how much i owe.... Happy friendship Day..... My lord, You know, the why....

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sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Yash Shinde 28 April 2014

A phenomenal poet with themes incorporating elements of nature-moon, rainbow, rainfall.......... I am love with his style- Oh Muse! ! ! .............You can't just know how proficient he is at poetry, by looking at his roots.... Even the European lads cannot compete his sagacity and maturity! I wish him best of luck for his future endeavors -Yash

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I had my primary education in my village school, secondary in a nearby school of my village.
My secondary school, teachers played a significant part in the evolution of poetry so as my early life. All my teachers are the constant source of inspiration for me in all my ...

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