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From true rain
Drought floats, beyond
The fire cloud,
To patiently stay,

Get the moon elsewhere
The lights look calm
And their fire in heaven
Is tingling

Where the lonely
Make philosophers laugh
Winter trades insanity
To find

Timeless ripples
Pass unbidden
As the magic
Bathes that


The light drizzle
Does little to help
Lift the gloom
But settles the dust

All the intellectual outpourings

Drown the emotions

Trimmed thought
Looked past
The dead
Which killed

White slabs shattered
the ground
While scattered
geranium dreams

By night
A wandering roar
And ebbing clouds
Shape the deep moonlight

To be Abhaya
is reflected
in my future
as I swim through

Her gesture
had made the desire
and my old will
worked for

Some old desire
Distinctly making
Different faces
Dulls a life

Eyes waltzed
To favorite smiles
Seen adjusting
The misty mask

Why this cozy sigh
Sprouted into a
Warm old goodnight
Is because the


Tomorrow may happen
Yesterday doesn’t
Today is fact
So death never changes

Climbing constellations
And radiant moonlight
Drift from
Glorious star-shine

When the temples thunder
through eyes
with bleeding silence
A soft gaze

Out awhile
Some memory pause
Great smile
Knowing mind

Jabse tumhe dekha
I am convinced
That nothing is
As enchanting as you


Tired with peace
And robes
The shroud angels
Rocked death

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Acid Rain

From true rain
Drought floats, beyond
The fire cloud,
To patiently stay,
Than end, with
Tingling lights.

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Sue Tancheff 10 June 2004

Hello Deepak I just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely comments you made about my poetry. Take care.......Sue

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