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Pull me harder,
Dig your fingers under my flesh,
Kiss me till my lips bleed,
Kiss my body,

You don't know how it feels,
When you know a song yet cannot sing,
It's a lump in the throat,

We shall be one someday,
If I stop in time waiting for you,
But I'm growing,
And you shall advance slowly,

As the world is fast asleep,
I still wait at this junction,
The noon of the summer's heat,
Meet me in the scorching,

I haven’t used the mirror since years,
Nor do I caress my body while washing,
For the sight of wounds has always scared me since young,

cn i hold u wid my heart,
cn i feel ur warmth again,
cn i keep u in my heart,
cn i try healing dis pain...

In this fearless world
M full of fear,
In this outgoin world
I fear….

Where is the human?
Laying dead in his mother's lap
Where is the human?
Yelling at her daughter's still body

Life passes by without a meeting,
Songs after songs repeating,
You wake up like the sun to shine,
I prefer moon on a lonely night,

Till when shall I wait for you,
For I'm ageing,
Whilst you are still growing,
We come in different clay,

Don’t try to search yourself in this world’s crowd,
It’s someone hiding within,
It’s not the one standing in the mirror,
But someone inside…your soul,

every moment of d day,
i think of u,
in evry dream dat cumes my way,
i think of u...

I’ll come back to you in intervals,
When I’ve ventured my prestige,
Closed my eyes to what is right.
But I’ll refrain, regret

Behind those smiling eyes,
Lies a dreadful pain,
A pain caused by loneliness,
The pain- resultant of a broken heart…

Picture me at a window frame,
Hands clutched at knees,
The way sunlight reflects on my cheeks,
On a rainy day,

They come to me at intervals,
Each one alike and distinct in appearance,
Aloof they come to drench in passions of various kinds,
Or sometimes settle to sail the boat in unison,

Those 2 eyes full of pride,
The sorrow that beauty hides,
They yearn for verse that praise their existence,
Raining naughtiness with a hint of innocence!

I stare hard at each word,
I stare hard but all is blurred,
I stare as my eyes are strained,
I stare as my strength is drained…

If only you couud feel me,
you would find me as yourself,
Shattered are the feelings,
Of this heart that's rarely felt,

I was new to this writer’s paradise,

They said I wore a different lens,

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Love Me

Pull me harder,
Dig your fingers under my flesh,
Kiss me till my lips bleed,
Kiss my body,
Until each part is red,
Surround me with your arms,
Let my waist be your hook,
Trace the contour of my breasts,
Make me fall short of breathe,
Take my hips and place them on yours,
Let me feel the stiffness down there,
Lay our bodies on the couch,
Let me feel the weight of your bones,
Touch me everywhere you can,
The body and the soul,
Touch your lips to mine sometime,
Don’t kiss just touch,
Let me feel the softness of your tongue,
The warmth of your breathe,
The depth of your love,
Touch your eyelids to mine,
Let the tears combine,
Let me feel your beard on my cheek,
Let me lay upon you someday,
Let my hair tickle your neck,
My chest becoming fuller with each touch of yours,
Let me breath and the breathe be yours,
Let me smile on your lips,
Let my tongue do the ear job,
And you pinch my hips,
Trace my neck with your lips,
Forming loops every now and then,
Make me mourn in pleasure,
And be at a loss of breathe,
Lay in the corner hugging me tight,
Our bodies stuck like glue,
When neither is in a hurry to leave,
Love me as long as you can do.

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Love is not all roses for sure, But indeed roses do exist. U cannot grow love on a bed of thorns. You cannot nurture love out of hatred. Similar things give birth to similar things. Love is required to nurture love.

'Life is mean if you are not'

'Pick up those pieces sweetheart, you'll need them to make yourself up when the storm has passed.'

'When you are afraid to move on, remember the earth is constantly moving, rotating and revolving. You are never truly at just the same place.'

'Perhaps pain is the tunnel we all have to go through to reach the other end, but the lesser baggage of agony, despair and self-doubt we carry the faster we cross it.'

As long as I keep writing, I will not live just one life.

‌That's the thing about pain, one can't decide between crawling out for peace or drowning in for poetry.

You might use a semi colon to delay it. But the full stop is always inevitable.

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