deepanshi sabnani Poems

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Love Me

Pull me harder,
Dig your fingers under my flesh,
Kiss me till my lips bleed,
Kiss my body,

The Song

You don't know how it feels,
When you know a song yet cannot sing,
It's a lump in the throat,

We Shall Be One Someday

We shall be one someday,
If I stop in time waiting for you,
But I'm growing,
And you shall advance slowly,

As The World Is Fast Asleep

As the world is fast asleep,
I still wait at this junction,
The noon of the summer's heat,
Meet me in the scorching,

Paying For My Womanhood

I haven’t used the mirror since years,
Nor do I caress my body while washing,
For the sight of wounds has always scared me since young,

I Fear

In this fearless world
M full of fear,
In this outgoin world
I fear….

Where Is The Human?

Where is the human?
Laying dead in his mother's lap
Where is the human?
Yelling at her daughter's still body

Ensue, My Love

Life passes by without a meeting,
Songs after songs repeating,
You wake up like the sun to shine,
I prefer moon on a lonely night,

Till When Shall I Wait For You

Till when shall I wait for you,
For I'm ageing,
Whilst you are still growing,
We come in different clay,

It's Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been!

Don’t try to search yourself in this world’s crowd,
It’s someone hiding within,
It’s not the one standing in the mirror,
But someone inside…your soul,

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